The Attraction

In continuation of The Resemblance

“I am sorry, I think I am in the wrong room” that sounded so lame even to her ears. But, what was she supposed to say? “I am here to see you?”

She did not have any right to be in the room, especially not when he was crying. She had disturbed a moment. She had seen him cry, which perhaps he did not want anyone to see. She had felt his pain, her own heart ached as he looked up at her and she saw the tears in his eyes. For reasons she did not know she wanted to console the man, hold him in her arms. She was astonished by the way he looked at her, the way he stared, shock on face. He had turned to look at the bed, on which rested someone he loved immensely. Then he had turned to look at her and she was scared. Not of him, but of herself. She knew she had to move out of the room to keep herself in control. It was insane and weird, the pull she felt towards this man. She knew if she did not leave the room she might end up doing something she would regret later. She had turned to go but the man had held her hand, stopping her. A shock-wave spread through her body and her skin where his fingers touched, tingled. What was it about this man that affected her like this?

She had then put on a false face of frustration and he had let her go and apologized. She had to go – NOW, she had told herself and she had rushed out of the room without saying anything or looking back but deep inside her heart she knew that he would be following her out. The man perhaps felt the same strange pull towards her as she had felt towards him. She walked to the inquiry desk and pretended to ask for the room number of the patient she had come to visit, but in real she was simply having a friendly conversation with the guy behind the desk. From the corner of her eye, she saw that just as she had expected the man had left the patient alone and walked out to follow her and was now staring at her and she turned to look at him and he moved back, trying to hide from her gaze. She rushed out of the hospital. Strange things were happening to her. Things she could not handle. She had never behaved irrationally. It had all started few weeks ago when she had seen this man for the first time in the hospital cafeteria. One glimpse at him and it had all begun. The strange attraction. He did things to her, things no man had ever been able to do. Butterflies in stomach, skin on fire things just like a romance novelist would describe in the book and something more than that. Something she could not explain, neither could any romance novelist in the world.

She had just walked out of the kitchen of the cafeteria on the request of her friend who wanted her to take her place for a while till she returned from the restroom. It was then that she saw him, sitting in one corner, munching on a sandwich and sipping coffee. She stared at him and continued to stare, without realizing that her friend was back and was talking to her. “Huh?” she had asked her friend and her friend had simply smiled.

The next day she had walked out of the kitchen on purpose and just like she had expected, he was there. At the same time, at the same table, eating sandwich and sipping coffee. He finished his sandwich and coffee and got up to go, looking in her direction but not really seeing her and she missed a heart-beat. She rushed back to the kitchen. She did not want to be seen. She did not know why but she did not want to be seen. After a couple of days, she had gotten so used to the routine that when she worked in the kitchen she made a special sandwich for him with more cheese. More milk, sugar and coffee powder was added to his cup of coffee. As he collected his tray from the counter, she had peeked out of the kitchen and seen him take a bite and she had smiled.

Unlike the other days, this present day she had decided to follow him and that she had done. She had seen him entering the room. She thought of what she would say. Initially apologize for entering the wrong room and then start the conversation by introducing herself and then ask about his patient. But when she had seen him crying she had been tongue-tied. Everything she had meant to say was gone out of her mind. She should have asked him about the patient lying unconscious on the bed, surrounded by tubes and machines in the I.C.U. but she had not done that. She could not do that, the pain and the shock in his eyes too much to handle. Now, back in the cafeteria when she thought about what she had done she could not believe herself. Had she gone mad? What had overcome her? Why had she done what she had done? Why had she followed the man to the hospital room? She had no answers to these questions but one thing she knew for sure –

Her life would never be the same again. Something in her had changed forever. She was in love with the man she did not know anything about, the man who was crying over someone in the I.C.U.
Perhaps it was time to find out more..

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