The Resemblance

Her face was blank, his eyes searched for her reaction to his touch. None. He moved his hand over her arm again. Nope, nothing. He did not like to watch her like this but he had no other option. She had been like this for days now. Still. Lifeless. Her still body surrounded by tubes and machines keeping her with him, keeping her alive. His own life had come to a standstill. He wanted to hold on to her but it seemed as if he had no choice. He had to let go. He hid his face in his palms and started crying. Just like he did, every day for past two weeks.

The door to the room opened and he looked up. A familiar face filled his blurred vision. He wiped the tears away and looked at her. Then, he really looked at her, shocked. He turned towards the bed, the woman he loved the most was still on the bed, lifeless. He turned to look at the face that appeared next to him and continued to stare.

“I am sorry, I think I am in the wrong room” the voice that belonged to the face said. He knew that voice. He had heard it so many times and a few minutes ago he had been willing to give anything in return to hear that voice again. And, he was hearing it. But how could this be possible? He thought. The girl turned to walk out of the door but he held her hand. He did not want to let her go.

“Excuse me?” the girl said, confused and irritated. He let go of the hand immediately and apologized. The girl walked out. He did not want to follow her, did not want to leave his beloved wife alone but – he walked out. Saw her walk to the inquiry desk and talk to the person behind the desk. Perhaps asking for the room number of the patient she had come to visit. She should have done this earlier instead of walking straight into his wife’s room and turning his whole world upside down. But, she had not. He was meant to see her. That is what his wife would have said. He still could not believe his eyes but in his heart he believed that this girl had walked into the room for a reason. He saw the girl turn to look at him and he moved back, trying to hide from her, embarrassed to be caught in act of staring. But, he had his own reasons. Had the girl known the woman lying lifeless on the bed of the hospital room she had just now entered by mistake, had the girl seen the woman she would have known that he had a reason to stare at her the way he did. She would also have been as much shocked as he was, to see that the lifeless woman looked exactly like the girl she saw in the mirror every morning.