The Lies

In continuation of The Sleepless Night

[slightly modified the end part after posting..]

Sneha watched Ajay until her eyelids became heavy and she drifted into sleep, effortlessly. When she opened her eyes in the morning, Ajay was already out of the room. The curtains were still pulled over the window, blocking the light and the first thing Sneha did after getting out of bed was to pull open the curtains. The morning light spilled into the room. Sneha freshened up and walked down to the kitchen. The refreshing aroma of coffee and omelet reached her nostrils even before she walked in. Ajay was making another omelet and was standing with his back to her.
“Good Morning” she said and he turned around.
“Very good morning, hope you slept well!” he said.
“Yes.” She said hungrily staring at the omelet. She did not know she was that hungry. The previous night they had eaten some food on way back home but she had not eaten much as she did not like eating outside food.

“I will go and wake up Shreya” saying so she forced herself out of the kitchen. Ajay had told her that it was Smriti who woke Shreya up every day. Sneha opened the door to Shreya’s room praying that she did everything right. It was really difficult to pretend to be someone else. To do things the other person did, talk and behave exactly in the same manner and still not be that person. Sneha watched Shreya for a while before moving her fingers through the girl’s hair and waking her up.
“Good Morning, sweetie!” she said as Shreya opened her eyes.
“Good Morning, Mom!” Shreya said and wrapped her arms around Sneha’s neck. Sneha picked her up in her arms and carried her to the bathroom.
“Thanks!” Shreya said “I know you had said that we need to stop doing this and I had promised to try but today, I wanted you to carry me. So thank you for not refusing.” Sneha smiled not sure what to say. She turned around and Shreya called out, “Hey Mom!” Sneha turned to look at the girl.
“I love you” she said and Sneha’s heart filled with love and guilt.
“I love you too, sweetie.” Sneha walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

When she entered the kitchen, the first thing she did was verbally attack Ajay, “I would really appreciate if you tell me the things Smriti had decided to STOP doing for Shreya in addition to the things she did. If you really want me to carry this off successfully, I need you to help me!” She sat down at the dining table and held her head in her hands.
“What’s wrong?” Ajay seemed genuinely concerned. Of course he was. Sneha’s bout of anger meant that Sneha was realizing this was not as easy as she thought it was.
“You told me that Smriti used to wake up Shreya and carry her to the bathroom, you did not tell me that she had decided to stop doing it.” Sneha said accusingly.
“I would have told you if I knew!” Ajay replied.
“Wow! Now, that is comforting! There are things you know nothing of, things that went on between Shreya and Smriti”
“I am really sorry, I should have kept a close watch on both of them and made entry of what they said on daily basis assuming that it would come handy when Smriti died and another woman decided to play roles!” Ajay said frustrated.
Sneha stared back at him. “I did not mean it that way, I am sorry.” She finally said with tears in her eyes.
Realizing what Ajay had said in frustration he wished there was a way he could take them back. Sneha agreeing to help him in the situation he was in, he should be thankful to her. He was also upset that things were not going the way they had thought they would. He wondered whether all this was worth it. It was too late now to tell Shreya about Smriti, he knew.

“Are you guys still fighting?” Shreya asked as she entered the kitchen.
Sneha looked accusingly at Ajay.
“Yes, your mom is.” Ajay said and smiled. Then, walking towards Shreya he picked her up in his arms and made her sit on the kitchen counter.
“Your mom is really angry on me for leaving town when we were supposed to get you and she is fighting with me because I did not inform you.” Ajay confessed.
More lies, great. Sneha thought. But she allowed it anyways.

“I was angry on both of you for not calling me or coming to pick me up. Anyways, it does not matter now, does it? We are here together” Shreya said smiling radiantly at both of them. Ajay and Sneha looked at each other.
"Besides, my anger melted when finally I spoke to mom and heard her voice" Shreya said.
“That’s right, sweetie. I am here and all is well.” Sneha said waking towards Shreya, wrapping her arms around the girl and kissing her hair.