The Passion

In continuation of The Closeness

He walked to the bedroom deep in thoughts, neither Sneha nor Shreya were in the room. He removed his shirt and sat down on the couch, his head resting on the backrest and he closed his eyes. The sound of the bathroom door opening altered him and he sat up straight to see Sneha walk out of the bathroom, dressed in one of Smriti’s night suits. Sneha walked past him, trying her best to overlook his semi-nakedness but even in one glimpse she could not miss the tight muscles of his chest and the biceps.
Without turning to look at Ajay again she walked out of the room. Ajay got up from the couch and changed into comfortable clothes and slid into his side of the bed.

When Sneha walked back in with Shreya, Ajay was already asleep. Shreya slept in the center and after Sneha got into the bed she switched off the lights and kissed Shreya’s hair, wishing her good night. Just like the previous night, Shreya snuggled close to Sneha.

In the middle of the night, Shreya began to toss and turn in bed, Ajay slept peacefully but Sneha’s sleep was disturbed and when she opened her eyes she saw that Shreya was breathing heavily and beads of sweat were forming over Shreya’s forehead. Sneha placed her hand on Shreya’s chest and after a while her breathing slowed down. After a few minutes Shreya opened her eyes and looked at Sneha. “Mom!” she whispered and hugged Sneha.
“It is okay, it was just a nightmare” Sneha tried to console her.
“I want to go to the bathroom” Shreya said but remained in Sneha’s embrace.
“Okay. Come on, let me take you.” Saying so Sneha slid out of the bed, carefully taking Shreya with her. She carried her to the bathroom and when they returned to bed, instead of sleeping in the center, Shreya slept on Sneha’s side and fell asleep immediately. Sneha tried to shift her once without waking her up but Shreya groaned and she gave up the effort. Left with no other option, Sneha slept in the center and pulled up the cover.

She slept with her face towards Shreya. After seeing that she was sleeping peacefully, Sneha turned to rest on her back and stared at the ceiling but in the end she could not fight the temptation to look at Ajay. She turned her face towards him and saw that he was sleeping peacefully too. She wanted to touch his face, touch the stubble on his cheeks and feel the roughness of it. She wanted to move her fingers through his smooth hair. She wanted to kiss his lips. The moment the thought came to her mind, she felt a strange feeling within her and then seconds later a tear formed in her eye, she pressed the bridge of her nose to stop it from coming out. Turning her face towards Shreya again she made sure that she was asleep and then she turned to her left and faced Ajay. She shifted a little closer to him still maintaining distance between their bodies. She was not sure whether she should just watch him or dare to touch him and risk his waking up. Finally, making up her mind and looking at his peaceful face she placed her hand on his arm to feel the biceps and then moved towards the chest. She rested her hand over his heart and felt his heartbeat.

When she saw the movement behind his closed eyes she moved her hand away and closed her eyes, expecting Ajay to wake up. Moment later when she opened her eyes again she saw that Ajay was still asleep. He must be dreaming she thought. She now placed her hand on his jaw line and then moved it back to run her fingers through his hair and she missed a heartbeat when Ajay opened his eyes suddenly. It was too late to close her eyes and pretend to be asleep. Her fingers still in his hair, she did not know what to do. She stared back at him and moments later he smiled and shifting closer to Sneha, placed his hand on her waist he kissed her on the lips. She desperately wanted to kiss him back but she could not. She knew that Ajay’s kiss was meant for Smriti. He was half asleep and had perhaps thought it was Smriti lying next to him because had he known it was Sneha, his immediate reaction would have been getting out of the bed. Ajay moved back and slept again and just like that Sneha’s special moment was ruined.

She turned away from Ajay and towards Shreya and to her shock saw that Shreya was awake and was looking at her. Shit! A voice inside her head screamed. What was she thinking getting close to Ajay when Shreya was in the room? Another voice scolded her.
Had Shreya not been in the room, Ajay and Sneha would have not been on the same bed in first place, the ugly voice screamed back.
“What’s wrong? Cannot sleep?” Sneha asked trying to sound calm.
“You were doing it again” Shreya said and smiled.
“What?” Sneha whispered even though she knew exactly what Shreya wanted to say.
“Staring at dad!” Shreya whispered and giggled. Sneha could not help but giggle too.
“What’s the secret between mother and daughter?” Ajay murmured and placing his hand over Sneha’s waist added, “Want to share it with daddy?” and almost immediately Sneha could feel Ajay’s regular breathing on her neck. Ajay was asleep again, his hand still on her waist.
Shreya and Sneha looked at each other and giggled again. Few minutes later, Shreya slept, her head placed on Sneha’s extended arm and Sneha stayed awake, her arm under Shreya’s head and her waist under Ajay’s arm. Through the curtains in the room she could see that the sky had begun changing its color and then she fell asleep.

The next morning when she woke up she saw that both Ajay and Shreya were in bed, she saw the bedside watch, she had woken up early. Ajay was now sleeping with his back towards her and Sneha wondered whether after waking up he would remember the happenings of the night and if he did, how would he react, what would he say? Sneha wanted him to know what had happened but then she prayed he did not remember any of it.

She got out of the bed, pulling up the cover over Shreya and Ajay. She brushed her teeth and walked out of the bedroom. Going to the kitchen, she decided to prepare breakfast. She was happy, very happy.

.. The Confrontation