Resemblance - The Journey of a Doppelganger


When reading the novel Resemblance by Arti Honrao it soon turned into a nail-biter after the first few sentences. Many twists and turns in the story-line keep the reader completely engrossed making it hard to put the book aside. With a unique and very unexpected ending it is a story not easily forgotten. Arti is truly the queen when it comes to writing love stories.
~ Janice Thomson, poet, photographer and chinese brushpainting artist.

Looking into Ajay’s teary eyes she said, “I think I might be able to help.”
and with this beautiful note this is a beautiful story of Sneha , her life , her fear, her loneliness and her sacrifice to a total stranger and his daughter. Beautifully written by Arti Honrao.
~ Mona Khisty

I must start with telling the readers that they must read this book with an open mind. When I started reading the book (without giving the plot away), I had questions whether this is possible in real life. As soon I left those questions behind, I realised I was reading one of the most powerful love stories I have come across. There is a delicate balance between love, self respect and family, Arti has maintained this balance throughout the book. She has bravely tackled writing in an open, "from the heart" way that shows from the first word to the last word of the book. Like most of her books, I read this book in one go! Great job Arti.
~ Vidya Subramanian Vidyasagar