Gloomy Days

I don't know whether it is the climate or just me but past few days, actually past couple of weeks I have been feeling very tired/lazy/bored/unenthusiastic most of the day. I am unable to write anything that would satisfy the writer in me. Currently I am reading a book and though it is good so far, I have read only 30 pages which in my normal mood would have been almost hundred. I think I will keep the book aside, I don't want to do injustice to it by reading it with this kind of mood. I love music but past few days I don't even feel like switching on the music system or listen to songs on my ipod. When I crash on my couch or bed I don't feel like getting up for hours..

I am fed up of this climate! To add to this gloom I have been getting refusal mails from publishers. Things are pretty boring right now but I hope it will turn around soon. I am waiting for the rainy season when my writing is usually at its peak. Sadly there is whole of May to go by.
Don't be surprised if you do not get to read anything new from me.