Yet Another

I found this written on one of the torn pages of my notebook. This is yet another incomplete story, which I do not even remember writing!

I could have lived my life the normal way, just like most of the people do.. without inviting trouble in their lives. I did that for many years. After being pushed into hardships pretty early in life, I should have been satisfied with the luring simplicity life offered when Shree proposed me. Get married.. secure life.. start a family.. grow old and die. Shree was not the kind of guy a girl would consider first choice but he was worth. Seriously, if you looked at him, you would want to run away but all the wealth attracted people - scratch that - attracted young women like magnet. There were so many 'cats' ready to pounce on this little rat, so everyone was shocked when they came to know that he had proposed me, out of all the people! And, I am sure, many of the cats must have thanked me and others laughed after knowing that I said NO.

After completing my education and taking up a course in journalism, I started freelancing. That is not where I met shree. Shree was my school friend. Not exactly 'friend' kind of friend though. I just knew him.
Almost my entire childhood was spent trying to avoid him. I thought I had my reasons but the truth is I avoided him for no reason. I just did not like him.. 

You would think - if I did not like him, then why am I even having second thoughts about my response to his proposal. Well! I am not. I do not regret saying NO. I agree I said life could have been easier if I had said yes but that does not mean I wanted to say yes.
Considering the other things I went through in life, the life with Shree could have been easier .. a lot easier.

Perhaps that was not what I really wanted.. Somewhere deep [...]