Synopsis of Resemblance - The Journey of a Doppelganger

Voice Artist : Vitasta Shah

Audio-book of Resemblance (Once again voice by Vitasta) coming out soon for all those who are lazy and do not want to read lengthy chapters of the Novel .. It is also for those who like to listen to their Ipod / mp3 player while traveling (and some, even in office :p) No, seriously, I mean it. Few people like to 'listen' to the book rather than 'read' it, the audio-book would be for those people.

When you perform on stage in school or college days, you try your best to become one with the character you portray in the play. The applause from audience is the prize you get for your performance and dedication.
However, it is totally different if you have to play the role in your real life. Portraying someone else, being one with someone, giving your best shot to be that person is not as easy as acting on stage. And, the applause does not come. Silent gratitude from the person to whom it makes the difference and hostility from those who are offended, without you wanting to offend them, is all you get in real life for role-playing.

When Sneha sees Ajay for the first time, she is not aware her life is going to turn upside – down. She does not know she is about to lose her individuality and step into someone else’s shoes willingly. What seems like love at first sight for her also means facing responsibilities which she is not sure, initially, whether she is ready to accept. The intensity of her feelings for Ajay, however, finally makes her take up the challenge of role playing of a wife and a mother.

Resemblance begins with Sneha being exposed to the shocking fact that she resembles a woman she has never met before in her life, a woman who is the wife of the man she falls in love with. The story completes a full circle when in the end Sneha finally reaches where she is meant to be, being who she is really meant to be. She faces the hostility of few people, swims through the sea of emotions, accepts the challenge of life and battles the desires which take a toll on her peace of mind to finally fulfil her true purpose in life.

On one hand, Resemblance takes us on a journey of Sneha’s life and on other hand it also tells us about the depth of mother’s love for her child, which overcomes even the barrier set by death.