Interview by Privy Trifles

Behind the Book : Arti Honrao 

Being a blogger and a book reviewer is a lot of fun. You get to not only review some amazing books but also get to interact with some amazing authors and maybe get a chance to befriend them. Over the last few years of blogging I have managed to meet some wonderful people and learn a lot from them. One of them whom I can proudly call my friend is Arti Honrao who blogs at Straight from the heart and is also an author. You can read my reviews on her books HERE

 Apart from being a wonderful writer she is also an amazing friend, mentor, guide, teacher and a lot more than words can define. In conversation with someone who is more than an inspiration for me:  

1. Straight from the heart – how did it all start? The name, the idea, the concept. From there to here. For a long time all my writings were offline, written in pen and paper style. I had just started compiling my work in documents and I was searching for online websites where I could share my writings with people. As most of us do, I searched Google and that’s how/where I was introduced to blogs. I had to read a couple of blogs to actually understand the whole concept of blogging. As far as the title is concerned, I did not have to think much about it because that’s how I write “Straight from my heart”. During the earlier stages, SFTH was not just about poems/stories. It is over a period of time that I stopped writing non-fiction personal stuff on SFTH and dedicated the blog entirely to Literature.