Something Important about Resemblance (My Novel)

I do not know how many of you remember that my Novel Resemblance was supposed to be published and released in October through Sanmati Publisher. However, at the last moment the publisher showed concern about the book being published by Pothi. is a printer and not publisher and they were ready to give that in writing. However, I finally decided not to go ahead with the publishing because there was no proper agreement from the publisher and mainly because the publisher turned back from his words about royalty. I was promised 6% royalty but then over the phone I was requested to not ask for royalty for first 1000 copies. I know it is a huge responsibility that the publisher decides to invest money in my book but I thought it was ethically wrong to request such a thing on phone whereas nothing was mentioned in the agreement. I have printed books on pothi for 350 INR and given them for free. It is not about the money, it was the indecisiveness on the part of the publisher that disappointed me.

The cover photo of the publisher still shows my book as one of their October releases. Which, once again is ethically and legally incorrect.
On one hand the publisher shows concern about legal complications of publishing the novel already printed by pothi and on the other hand does not realize that it is legally risky to involve the cover photo of the book which is not released under his banner.
My experience with the publisher is nothing but about false promises.

Now, what has happened recently is that PETALS ags venture has listed the book in their banner which indicates to the readers that it is a part of the venture plus was published by the above mentioned publisher. The person who owns PETAL (Arpita Ghosh) was well aware that the book was not published because she was the mediator when the book was discussed with the publisher. I thought it was my moral duty to include her in the discussion hence I marked a cc of the refusal email I sent to Sanmati Publisher. One of her team members (Siddhartha Yadav) it seems was given the responsibility to take my permission for including my book for the lucknow event organized by PETALS. This person however did not do so. I did not want to go public about this hence I contacted Arpita on phone and putforth the isssue. She promised me to look into this but siddharth had not made the changes in the concerned post (The post has now been deleted after I objected publicly. He deleted my comments first) Siddharth gave excuse that since the post was edited several times already he could not edit anymore on facebook and would see to it that the book would not be included in the event. When I objected to the same and asked him to delete the post he did so but at the same time he sent me a message in inbox saying -
"You know one thing, you are one of those sick girls who haven't grown mentally with your age. Too immature and narrow minded to handle.."
First, he does something which is not only ethically but legally wrong too and when the author objects he reacts.
Mr. Siddhartha Yadav seems to be a quite young fellow and does not have ethics / manners about how to talk to someone elder to him. Just because he is getting published in an anthology, he thinks he has the right to humiliate / insult someone irrespective of that person's age. It is really a shame to see people like him being associated in any way with the literary world.
I have nothing personal against PETALS, Arpita or this fellow.
It irks me beyond limits when someone does something ethically wrong and I cannot stop myself from reacting. If such reacting is said to be immature and I am called a "sick girl" I care a damn. What is wrong is Wrong. Period.