Whispered Words for Couples

Two people approached me through whispered words, a man and a woman with similar problem; details shared matching enough for me to guess that there were a couple. Of course I could not disclose this to either of them. I usually do not ask for names if people prefer to be anonymous and the woman wanted to be anonymous. Though I have a feeling that they are a couple there is no way to confirm it. However, I did realize I would have been able to help them much better had I talked to them in a joined conversation..

I have thus decided to start Whispered Words for Couples (always available under whispered words tab of navigation menu at SFTH and also in sidebar) where I would be able to listen to both the parties at the same time.. Where they can talk to me and listen to each another and me as well. I will be using the chat applet of straight from the heart for that. I am sure it will be useful to the couple whisperers.

I know not many whisperers want their other half to know that they are sharing their problem with a stranger but this would at least be useful for those who are willing to discuss in front of a stranger.

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