Review of Resemblance - The Journey of a Doppelganger by Sandeep Sharma



STORY : 3/5
COVER : 3.5/5
THEME : 4/5
OVERALL : 3.5/5


For Sneha seeing Ajay for the first time was the moment of what people say ‘Love At First Sight’. She was ready to do anything for the sake of her love but even in her weirdest nightmare, she never thought that she had to live her life as a doppelganger of Ajay’s first wife.

Sneha’s life turns upside down when she realizes that her face resembles Ajay’s first wife who was taking her last few breaths. Sneha have to take a leap of faith in the maze created by destiny to find her love. She has to take up the challenges and had to take a ride in the river of emotions. After all the hurdles she has to take a decision too, that whether she will accept the love being Sneha or being a person to whom she resembles?

This is a story which is a kind of a roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings. The journey of Sneha as a doppelganger will leave you dumbstruck and on the other hand the love of a mother for her child will freeze your senses.


  • Cover and theme.
  • Opening scene of the chapter named ‘Resemblance’ when Sneha enters in the ICU.
  • Writing style. Simple and intriguing.
  • Writing the events in two perspectives, one of Sneha and other of Ajay.
  • Secret of Smriti. That’s the point of the storyline when you’ll feel the magic around you.
  • The moment when Shreya says, “Can I have my diary back?”


  • Length. It’s a bit lengthy.
  • Repetition of feelings.
  • Story takes on your nerves only at the beginning and at the end. The mid portion is weak.
  • I didn’t like the end. Resemblance should not be lost. Sneha had her own identity and it should have been honored (personal view).
  • Formatting of the book. It’s unusual.
  • Names are similar and create confusion. Smiriti, Sneha, Shreya, all the ladies have their names starting from S.


The cover is interesting and so is the blurb. Story is unusual and when you start reading it, instantly, you will be drawn in the magic created by the author through her writing style. But soon the author loses her grip over the story which was at the hike in the beginning and you’ll feel that now the author is stretching the story too much. But there are some magical moments in between those boring pages which will never allow you to put this book down. Shreya is the character to watch. She is suspicious and I’m glad to know ‘Why?’ The secret of Smriti and Shreya makes your read worth.

On a personal view over the story, I didn’t like the author’s decision of giving Sneha a whole new identity at the end of the novel.

My final verdict over the novel is that ‘Resemblance’ is having a simple story with the magical touch of emotions and super natural flavor.

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