The Story behind WE

The thought of starting an on-line magazine was at the back of my mind for quite some time. Since the day I closed the publishing house I had started, to be specific. Those who have known me and been visitor to my blog know about the publishing house and the reason I had to shut it down. I was not only depressed, I was furious and guilty conscious for not being able to do justice to the work of authors I had published through my publishing house because of my inexperience in marketing/distribution.

During those ugly pessimistic moments, there was only one thing that was positive - my intention. I kept reminding myself that, whatever I had done, I had done it with good intentions and some day, the Universe will reward the intentions. I needed time to heal and once I was sure I was ready to step into publishing yet again, I bought the domain. Did not take much time for me to think of the name. It just came to my mind, as if it was waiting for the right moment to present itself. I took this as the first positive hint.

Even though I was full of ideas, even though I had the domain, even though I knew I could work on the template and take care of the back-stage. I needed someone who could run the show for me. As if, in answer to my request, Namrata stepped in. I still do not know how the conversation exactly started. We discussed WE and I showed her the Demo site I had designed and asked her what she thought about it. The Universe had started responding to my thoughts. Hence, I was not too surprised when Namrata thought that the idea was wonderful. I was joyous. Everything seemed to be falling into right places.