A Two Cents post

I smile when I talk to people, I make people smile when they are sad and on the verge of crying. I make people feel special because I realize they are victims of self-pity; it is important for them to realize their self worth. I help people, sometimes I go out of the way to help them. It is not my fault whatsoever if someone considers this as some sort of hint of getting special treatment from me and starts living in the illusion that I am interested in them. No, I am Not. If I am, I will say it on face, I have that much guts. 
I like giving gifts, that does not mean I am head over heels in love with you. I like accepting gifts, that does not mean I acknowledge your interest in me. 
The last time I had chatted with someone was almost four years ago. I am not a chat person at all. So, you might not get replies for hi, hello, how are you, what you are doing and the likes, especially if you are someone I do not know. If you are from my school, my relative or know me for years through my blog, then I would exchange a few words, but truth be told, I would still not be able to chat for a long time, seriously, I am not a chat person and I do not mean it in any rude way. It is a different story if you have something important to share, something sensible to talk or discuss.

I am a sentimental person, I like to share and care but if I get the slightest hint of possessiveness, I will withdraw back into my protective shell.

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