Do You Remember

Shelly shifted in bed and turned to look at the bedside watch, it was 3:30 am. She got up and walked slowly towards the desk. She opened the drawer and took out her favorite letter-pad and started writing.

Dear William,
I am in love with you, have always been for as long as I can remember. Do you remember how,as kids, we used to run together in meadows, under the blue sky. How you used to run ahead, then stop and turn around to look for me? That's when I knew, if ever I am lost in life, you will come find me.

Sometimes, I used to stumble and fall and you used to come running towards me, take out your handkerchief and tie it around the wound. That's when I knew, if ever I am hurt you will take care of me and help me heal.

As we grew up together and we noticed the physical difference, you took a protective stance keeping me safe from other boys and you. That's when I knew I could blindly trust you to protect me from any and every harm.

Do you remember, how while watching a scary movie I covered my eyes with my hands and rested my head on your shoulder? I do. I do remember how then you had put your arm around me. That's when I told myself, I belonged to you.

After that as you lowered your guard and we began holding hands, and as we hugged a friendly hug, I could feel my heart beating in my throat, I felt as if I would melt in your arms. That's when I decided I would do anything for you.

Do you remember the night we spent together for the first time, lying on the roof of my house watching the stars? Do you remember counting them and hoping to see a falling star? Do you remember seeing one after a long time and do you remember how I had closed my eyes to make a wish? Do you remember how the very next moment you had kissed me on my lips? I sure do remember, and I still feel that first kiss, I still feel the same joy and ecstasy every time you kiss me, after all these years.

I remember how we were caught red-handed by my mother, kissing on the roof of my house. How she had scared me to death and how you had said it was all your fault. That is when I had realised you love me as much as I love you or maybe even more. I remember how I had told my parents that I loved you and how they had laughed off calling our love as a teenage thing. I still remember how you were forced to go away and how much I had cried resting my head on your shoulder on the night before you had to leave. I remember how you had left without saying goodbye because you hated goodbyes.

I hope you remember because I do, how we proved my parents wrong and how our love grew stronger with every letter that we wrote to each another. I remember the day you returned and how I rushed into your arms at the train station not caring about people watching us. I remember how we had kissed then and there and surprised everyone. I remember, going then, to our hideout, holding hands. I remember how fast and loud did my heart beat and how it felt as if it would leap out of my chest. I remember how very gently you had kissed me again on my lips and then trailed down to my neck and a while later stepped back for my approval, which of course I had given and we had made love, not once but twice.

I remember each and every moment that we spent together since, I remember getting married and making love again, I remember our little fights and the apologies. I remember how you had told me that you loved kids and wanted lots and lots of them, how I had laughed and then whispered the good news in your ear. I remember how you had lifted me up in your arms and spun around. I remember the kisses you had planted on my belly as it kept growing month after month. I remember the labour pain, I remember the joy. I remember your tears of joy and your nose turning red. I remember the sleepless nights and the tiresome days. I remember being happy in all possible ways. I remember everything. As I slid in bed next to you and see you sleeping peacefully, I wonder whether you remember. As I kiss you gently on your wrinkled forehead, I can see you smiling in sleep. Are you dreaming about us, I wonder. I know, because of your progressing Alzheimer's and your constant struggle with your own memories you might not always remember all that I do, but somewhere, in a little corner of your mind, it would be still there, covered with cobwebs, perhaps, but it will be there, the time that we spent together.

Yours in Love

She folded the paper and slid it into an envelope. She kept the envelope on the desk, propped up against the glass of water. Shelly knew William would wake up a little later and approach the desk to drink water after coming from the bathroom. He did that every night.
She got up from the chair and waited until her arthritic knees became stable, then she slowly walked back to the bed and slid in next to her husband.

It was around 4:50 am when William woke up and walked slowly to the bathroom. He emptied his bladder, washed his hands and walked towards the desk to drink water from the glass, which was always kept filled for him. He saw the envelope and opened it, a puzzled look on his face. He started reading the letter and the expression on his face changed. By the time he finished reading there were tears in his eyes. He remembered the words of the letter, he had read these words before, not once, not twice but many a times. Shelly wrote this letter to him whenever she felt that he was slipping away. She could have easily used the same note every time, however she preferred writing the same letter each time because doing so refreshed her memory and she relived the moments. Each time she wrote the letter, she said, her love for him deepened and her faith in their relationship strengthened just like it had, years ago.
William kept the letter back in the envelope and stood there for a while before turning around to walk towards the bed. He slid in next to his wife and placed his head on her chest and held her tightly, he smiled as she wrapped her arms around him.