The Journey - Straight From The Heart

Most of the posts on Straight From The Heart are fiction, this one, however, is non-fiction. It is me talking to the readers of my blog. Please bear with me for this is going to be a Sentimental post.

Blame it on the weather if you wish (it has been raining since morning, a lovely day to say the least ... makes me nostalgic, makes me VERY SENTIMENTAL) but that is how it has been since morning. I spent some time reading (with teary eyes) the stuff I had written in the past, what I have written recently and I realized I have grown as a writer. With three books to my name (self-published), I have managed to touch few hearts. How much money I made from the sales? I never really cared about that. What matters to me is that people read it, people like it, people relate to it and their hearts are touched and they have tears in their eyes. Those who have read About SFTH know through the History of SFTH that the current version is a re-started version, the earlier one which was started in 2005 was deleted. Reading all the emails that I receive from the readers of my blog, I know, my decision to start the blog again has been the right decision. A few publishers refused to accept my short stories saying that they have already been published on blog, there was a time when I was tempted to NOT post a short story on blog (especially after seeing the number of comments I receive) but then, right at that moment, I received a comment in email, really lengthy one which said how much the blog meant to the person and how much difference it has made to that person's life. He was glad, he said, that he has found a place on the Internet where he can unwind and read good work for free.
The quotes section - My Two Cents has influenced the lives of a lot of people and it makes me feel good and happy about it.

12,75,835 hits on Straight From The Heart since the day it was re-started in 2008, (30,931 page-views since 24.12.2013), 18 email readers, 225 feed subscribers, 134 followers, 497 recommendations and 8,804 likes on facebook, 636 posts and more than 100 views on each post, I think the blog has come a long way.

I end this note with a promise to provide content for free reading (towards the end of the day, if the rains continue and I become more sentimental, I might even consider re-publishing the Novel Resemblance- The Journey of a Doppelganger for free reading on the blog.) as long as I continue to write.
It goes without saying that I need your constant support, love, encouragement and constructive criticism to help me do better.

Thank you for being a part of my journey till now; hope we continue the journey for a long time..