My 2nd & Last Editor's Note in Writer's Ezine (my online magazine)

The Story Behind the End of a Wonderful Journey

From April 2014 to December 2015, it has been a wonderful journey of 21 Issues, 69,265 page views, 536 posts, 275+ contributors, 1,595 Facebook followers, 173 Twitter Followers and 82 Newsletter subscribers. WE couldn't have asked for more!

When Writer’s Ezine was started we did not know it would make so much difference in the literary world. Along the journey as we published more than 100 contributors did we begin to realize that people appreciate our contribution in the publishing industry!

So, when I finally had to take the decision to shut down Writer’s Ezine; it was one of the most difficult decisions I have had to take in my life. I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure things out; to find a way through what had happened. When nothing seemed to help I finally had to take a firm decision and it was confirmed by a quote I read on one of the online magazines

"The shelf life and lifespan of literary magazines was never guaranteed.
That should have been an understanding from the start.
The moments of permanence in that universe are rare.”

I will write later about the reason why this quote had the kind of effect it had on me.

Once I announced it on our Facebook Page; as expected, our loyal readers and contributors were shocked and sad to hear the news. A few patrons of Writer’s Ezine even offered to volunteer to keep the magazine running. I had to refuse politely. As much as I wanted this magazine to continue; I had to stand by the decision that I had taken.

Many readers approached me to understand the reason behind my decision and I kept giving excuses, until I realized that they deserve to know the truth.

I had said earlier that it was becoming difficult to juggle the magazine, my writing and personal commitments. However, like many of our readers, I knew that it was not entirely true. I always had the option of making the magazine quarterly which would have definitely reduced the workload. However, it wouldn't have addressed what was really bothering me.

... read more in the issue.

The print magazine is under review on Pothi.

The magazine is available on kindle