On my mind

This has been on my mind for past few days. Even though I took a tough decision of closing down Writer's Ezine, my online magazine; I cannot really get it out of my system.
How do we really put something behind our back? Let go something and seriously move on?

It's easy for some; to forget someone or something as if it did not really matter or even exist. Not look back even once after walking away. 

But, I am not made that way and even though sometimes people take undue advantage of it; I am proud of being the way I am. 

The only thing I need to learn, though is not to let the past affect my present. 
Assuming that a short break would make some difference; I chose not write anything for few days. Have been spending time watching TV, playing some stressbuster games and reading 'See Me' by Nicholas Sparks.

I will be back soon, I promise.