My Two Cents

You may not have millions of rupees to spend but you can definitely afford to share millions of smiles; that would make enough difference...
Do little things for others, people always appreciate the efforts even if they do not say so in words. Little things might not seem to make a huge difference but trust me they do just enough to mean the world to those who are on the receiving end -
Give money to the less fortunate (beggars; old men or women or children.) If it is against your ethics to give money then feed them.
Send out positive thoughts in the universe even for the people you do not know or might never see again in your life -
Send healing thoughts whenever an ambulance rushes past you. It might save someone's life.
Trust me, all these good deeds will come in handy when you are the one who is in the need of positive thoughts.
Out of all the sins; the most unforgivable one according to me is corrupting an innocent mind..
Grabbing anything that you get to hold on to; stepping wherever you find place to step is not the right way to climb up the way to success. You need to be careful what you hold, who you hold and where you step. Each and every decision has to be meticulously made. A hurried decision would always push you one step back than where you started from, because it would not only make you fall, it will take away your confidence too.
Some memory lanes are never meant to be revisited; for they bring with them nothing but pain. The darkness that was in the memories stays there forever. Any amount of light you carry within you would never be sufficient enough to get rid of the darkness. Let the darkness be where it is meant to be. Let go.
Give at least fifteen minutes everyday to reading. Sometimes, we spend a lot of time watching television - surfing through channels; not really watching anything in particular. Fifteen minutes out of that time is not a big deal. Soon you will find yourself reading for more than fifteen minutes. Soon you will find yourself turning to a book when you need to relax. Soon you will realize that reading a book heals you in a way you never imagined possible.
One fine day when you wake up, you tell yourself that the day is going to be great, everything you ever wished for is going to come true and that there are going to be pleasant surprises for your scattered along the day. You get out of the bed and from the first waking moment, things begin to go wrong. As the day progresses, it turns from bad to worse to worst. It is not the kind of day you had hoped for. You are disappointed. Towards the end of the day your heart is filled with immense sadness for having a bad day. You need to tell yourself that it is okay, there are some things you cannot always control. Sometimes, your life is not only about you - there are other elements and people involved as well. How-much-ever you would like to control the turn of events, sometimes out of the many, there are few days when things do not happen as planned or as hoped for.
That should not stop you from telling yourself the next morning that the day is going to be great, everything you ever wished for is going to come true and that there are going to be pleasant surprises for you scattered along the day.
There will come a time when everything will cease to exist, when money would be nothing but a piece of paper because it will be of no value, since it would not be able to give you one thing that would matter at that time; it would not be able to give you life. You would be on your death-bed, a few steps away from the threshold. You would see the light, and then hear a voice - a voice that gives you an option because it is supposedly the day when all your good deeds have culminated in that one day. The choice is of spending ONE EXTRA day with someone you care about; someone whom you have never ever given even one single reason to complain. And, there you would be, a couple of steps away from the threshold, your mind scanning the list of people in your life and you would be unable to find THAT one person whom you have never ever given even one single reason to complain. You cannot even lie; because you know the voice would confirm, the voice knows the history of your life. You are ashamed of not having one name that could give you one extra day and then you would be left with no choice but to move closer and then crossover the threshold; hope dim in your eyes and heart full of regret..
This is not the story only of you, it is of me, it is of us - all humans. The reason no one ever gets ONE EXTRA day is because there is no such person who has never ever given someone one single reason to complain..
Fiction though it is a fiction, should be written in a way that it feels like a reality, a reality every reader willingly or sometimes unwillingly goes through, until the reader finishes reading and sometimes even after that.
उम्मीद से भरा दामन कभी खाली नहीं होता,
जिसकी जुबां पर होती है दुआ दूसरों के लिए,
वो खुद कभी दुआओं का मोहताज नहीं होता.
It is not about why people hurt you; it is about why you let them.
There comes a point in your life when you have to take a decision, firm one. You take it, stick to it, execute it. You might alienate some people with your decision but as long as you know the decision is right there is nothing to be concerned about. If you have the slightest doubt that the decision was wrong and it has done more harm than good, you must rectify. If you are sure the decision was absolutely right then you need not be worried about the people you alienated, you are better off without them in your life.
If people cannot appreciate you for what you are, you don't need their drama in your life.
Even in times of today, when one does not feel the need to go out of one's way for someone else, there are people who would. There are people who would be good to someone, share a smile with someone, care for someone and actually help someone, despite knowing that their act of kindness would be reciprocated with looks and feelings of suspicion. These are the people so sure of their selfless motives, their act of kindness that in their hearts they know, eventually, around some corner, some day their smile would be returned with a smile and their kindness will earn them kindness and acceptance in return.
Letting go is not getting rid of memories. Memories will stay, they always do. Letting go is making sure that the pain associated with the memories goes away.
Sometimes you read words and more than the way they are arranged in a sentence, you appreciate and admire the thoughts and feelings behind those words and they fill your heart with hope, love and optimism.
Everyone deserves to be cared for, but you must remember that not all people need your care and concern.
Sometimes you spend hours, at times days to figure out a certain situation but in vain..
At other times, the answers come naturally, jump out from your subconscious mind, revealing the facts that eluded you. Clearer the mind, the more you are in touch with your subconscious mind, the easier and faster the revelation.
Never praise the work of an author to such an extent that the author does not feel the need to grow further and do not criticise the work of an author so much that the author does not wish to grow.
Interacting with some people is like walking on a path full of dynamites. Their Ego being the dynamite. You have to tread carefully. One wrong step and the dynamite goes *BOOM*
Sometimes, the path is so full of dynamites that no matter what, no matter where you step, the dynamite is definitely going to explode. The best way, then, is to avoid walking down that path.
Be helpful. Being helpful is good but don't make yourself so available that people exploit you and take undue advantage of your helpfulness..
Mantra for happy living:
Accept that you might not be appreciated for the good you do, but you will always be blamed for the bad you did or even for the bad you did not do.
Always remember - neither being blamed for the wrong you did not do is going to turn you into bad; nor not being appreciated for the good is going to lessen the goodness in you.
Believe - HE is making note of all your doings and you will be rightly punished or rewarded.
Smile, always. Despite all the pain you might be going through, smile. It is not only healing for you, it also encourages and heals other people around you.
Fill your heart with Love..
Lots n lots of it - Love for yourself!
Love yourself for what you are, Love yourself despite all your flaws, Love yourself immensely without any expectations from yourself; Love yourself beyond all the limits..
Because if you do not have Love for yourself; you can neither expect love from others nor love anyone else.
Jealousy is something of which I have never understood the reason of existence. Why are people jealous? What do they benefit from being jealous of someone?
Anger is bad, yes, but at least that helps to vent out. How does jealousy help?
Sometimes, you need to let life take its course, let things be the way they are, allow them to get sorted on their own. Life is always beautiful..
It is true that you can care for someone without the person knowing that you care; but sometimes - letting them know, in action ... in words, is worth hundred times more to the person than you could fathom.
A hug, a kiss on the forehead. Simple words like I care, I am here, I understand, you are not alone, I believe, you are right.. would mean a lot to them and change their world for the better - for the best.
Try it.
When you write a story, don't just write it - live it;
When putting words into the mouth of a protagonist (or any character) imagine yourself saying them and while writing about the reaction of the listener, write it the way you would react.
Let the conversations not be meant merely to be read but felt as well.
If you do not feel what you write; how can you expect the readers to feel it?
Only the people we give the right to hurt us; are capable of hurting us.
We all are knowingly - unknowingly playing a game for survival. The game of "let's-see-how-much-and-what-I-can-do-to-please-people" and every single one of us, at some point or other in life get tired of playing that game. We take a 'time-please' and curl up into our solitary world, safe like a foetus in a mother's womb, surrounded by protective amniotic fluid and the sac. In this world we do not have to please anyone; not even ourselves. Just BE. EXIST. QUIET - SERENE; until the labor pain & the delivery.
What you feel deep within you is more important than what you think you feel..
Reaching that deep within place is not too difficult; you just need to cut off the chaos,
Go on a walk, spend some time with nature, listen to music, do something you really enjoy doing and not do it only because you have to..
Some people like to paint, some women like to clean the house, it helps them clear their mind!
Once you are at that deep within place answers will come automatically...
Sometimes, people vanish.. Try to cover their tracks not because they want to be lost to the world; they do so because they want to be found. Somewhere amidst the covered tracks you will find the 'bread-crumbs'.
To think that you are smart is your right; To think others are stupid is your foolishness!
Always keep smiling; Someone might be needing it more than you do.
You may tell yourself a hundred times that you love someone more than yourself, more than your life and that you would do anything to be with that person even if the person does not care about you as much as you care for that person, or maybe even if you do not exist for that person at all. But, the fact is - there is always a little voice inside your head asking you to stop, turn around and walk away. The sensible thing to do would be to heed to that voice.
Each one of us need someone to vent out, want people to listen to us, understand what we want to say despite the fact that the frustration does not allow easy flow of thoughts. Sometimes, we say things we know we would regret later but at the same time we want people to NOT judge us. Next time someone vents out in front of you do NOT be quick to judge that person. Just listen. Not always does one need an advice. The person might be wrong, but he can live without you telling him so, right when he is venting out. That is when, his ears are plugged with anger and frustration and his brain is shut-out to rational thinking. Realization of 'someone really cares to listen' would help him calm down eventually.
If you want someone to be there for you; make sure you are there for others as well.
Considering the legend as shown in movies that vampires cannot cross a threshold without being invited in even if it had been their own house when they were alive; we all are like vampires, we cannot be a part of someone's life beyond a threshold without being invited in.. however close we might be to that person!
Bitching about people behind their back & joining hands with them for professional gain is the trend these days and so is praising people on their face and back-stabbing!
You should walk out of the door when you get the first hint that you are unwanted. That, some people might say, would be too early to react but sometimes, the quick decision saves you from climbing up to the roof-top only to tumble down to the ground.
Some people make their presence known..
While some people let others feel their absence.
Both categories leave a powerful impression but the effect of latter lasts for a long time.
Problem with people is that they easily forget the good that has happened to them ( good that has been done for them by others or the good that they have earned by good acts) and always remember the bad that they had to face (as a result of their own wrong actions but mostly believed to be forced upon them by others) how-much-ever proportionately less the bad might be in comparison to the good.
This is the root cause of frustration, disappointment, pain and sadness related to almost everything in their life, which they naturally blame on others. And then, they struggle, break free and set out journeying new paths that make them feel happy and satisfied with themselves and their lives. They begin to believe that this was what they were looking for - their own world away from the pain, the frustration etc.
However, soon they begin to realize that this world of theirs is filled with same negativity in the form of regret, loneliness etc. Either they won't go back to their old life believing that to turn back would mean accepting defeat or they cannot go back because they believe it is too late to go back. The right thing for them to do, as per them, is go on with their current state of being or move ahead, journey newer paths in the never ending search of happiness - without realizing that happiness was still where it had always been - within themselves.
It is worth going through all the troubles, hardships and accusations to maintain Relationships provided you know which Relationships are worth maintaining..
Out of the many, a few relationships reach a stage where it becomes difficult to continue. Any amount of efforts put in to set things straight do not help. It is like trying to rekindle a fire using completely burnt wood, wet wood might be difficult to set on fire but after some smoke one lucky spark does succeed. In such cases, however difficult and painful it might be, the best thing to do is let go. Sometimes, it becomes essential to give more importance to yourself than to the relationship. The new journey might, along the way, bring you to yet another relationship. You must be strong enough to give yourself another chance and not let the past relationship affect the new one.
*After every effort you put in your relationship, you deserve happiness. If not in that relationship then some other*
There are hardly any misunderstandings between friends; because they never pretend to understand you if they don't, they always ask if they have doubts and in the end find their way to understanding you.
Instead of writing about the color of lipstick the female protagonist wears, I prefer to write about how her lips quiver as she tries desperately to hold back the flood of tears from flowing out of her eyes and revealing her weakness to the person she wants to hide it from.
Each one of us has a special person in our life. A person who is an inspiration, a believer and a guide. That person can be anyone. A friend, a sibling, a parent, a lover or sometimes, just a stranger. And, when that person walks out of your life, it is never the same. The person leaves an emptiness behind, emptiness that can never go. The void, the gaping hole stays with us, pointing at us, telling us that we are incomplete. However hard we try, we can never be complete again. That part of us is lost forever. The best choice is to accept it and move ahead with life. Live with it. What we can also do is try and make sure that we are never the reason behind the emptiness in someone else's life.
What is more frustrating? Having to be where you do not want to be or not being able to be where you want to be.
Sometimes we go out of the way to do something to help someone only to find out later that they did not need the help at all.
There are times when I sit for hours, pen in hand and a blank paper on the desk but words elude me and there are times, mostly when I am emotionally overloaded, pen moves effortlessly on the paper and the words help me to release the building up emotional tension.
Perhaps the only drawback of being strong is - people find it difficult to believe that a strong person can also have weak moments..
They say - "Truth wins in the end" ...
do you realize, in a way it means ... a lie gets to have fun until then!
11 x 11 = 121. It is easy. We all know it because we know the multiplication table. This is how it is when we look at someone else's life from a third person perspective. But some inexperienced person might do it his way 11 + 11 + 11 + 11 + 11 +11 + 11 + 11 + 11 + 11 + 11 = 121
This is how things are when we have to live it in our own life, go through something every breathing moment.
Different people have different ways of defining, living and maintaining relationships. Your way is not the only right way, it is merely your way. As far as right way is concerned, there isn't any. It is all about different opinions and perceptions.
It's weird how sometimes when you have lots of thoughts in your mind, you get an empty feeling in your heart..
Almost all of us wish our life was a dream ...
Few people want it to be a dream to see repeatedly and a few other want it a dream to wake up from...
I wish there were strict laws to stop people from corrupting other people's mind with their negativity thus influencing them to form biased opinion of someone, some situation or overall way of living.
I am not worried about the bad people; I am concerned about the people who bring out the bad in me.
People come in your life and people leave but each and every person leaves a part of himself/herself with you forever and you leave a part of yourself with them.
Sometimes it is good to be stupid rather than over-smart.
Be sure whether you are what you think you are before telling me what I am.
There have been many moments in life when I was confused about certain things, when I was in doubt about a particular situation; not knowing what was right and what was wrong, what was my illusion and what was the reality; during those moments I have always believed in my instincts and allowed it to guide me. Whenever I have ignored my instincts confusing them for negative thoughts and/or tainted views, I have been hurt. Now, I know better.
The peace offered by lack of expectations is beyond description in words.
You need to be sure of yourself first if you want people to take you seriously..
Listen to my silence,
And a way to concealed corner of my heart might just be revealed..
Stare deep into my eyes,
And unspoken words might be expressed for you to read..
Sometimes people connect even though they are not related or do not know each other at all.
Things like these can't be explained, and to seek explanation is a waste of time ~ Resemblance: The Journey of a Doppelganger
Never laugh on your own jokes; especially if the joke is on someone else - it seems more like a sarcastic comment rather than a joke!
I wish there were strict laws to stop people from corrupting other people's mind with their negativity thus influencing them to form biased opinion of someone, some situation or overall way of living.
Almost all of us wish our life was a dream ... Few people want it to be a dream to see repeatedly and a few other want it a dream to wake up from...
It's weird how sometimes when you have lots of thoughts in your mind, you get an empty feeling in your heart..
Perhaps the only drawback of being strong is - people find it difficult to believe that a strong person can also have weak moments..
People come in your life and people leave but each and every person leaves a part of himself/herself with you forever and you leave a part of yourself with them.
Relationships are never complicated; it's the expectations part of it that taints our perception making the relationship seem so..
The most dangerous enemy is the one who can manipulate your friend to stand against you; and the worst friend you can have is the one who is manipulated thus.
Different people react differently to different situations. What might be over-reaction to you might be the right kind of reaction for the other person involved. When we are usually blind to our own mistakes what gives us the authority to judge other people for the mistakes they make? Sometimes, an unpleasant experience shows us what we normally overlook. And, it takes a lot of courage to accept the facts and move on.
I can understand when people go wrong. People make mistakes, that is fine, it is their unwillingness to admit being wrong is what irks me.
At some point of time you have to care less about others and look out for yourself, survive. That is called respecting yourself and cannot be labelled as being selfish.
Sometimes, you just know that something specific is going to happen, yet you cannot really prepare yourself enough. When the moment passes, you wonder why you did not do anything and a little voice in your head says - maybe because you knew in your heart that it was not worth the efforts..
When one has an alternate easy option to skip being in a situation; they would never put in efforts to adjust to the situation.
Usually when you have to make a choice between what you want and what you don't want, you hardly need any time to take the decision. But, when the choice has to be made between the two things you do not want, it becomes difficult to choose the one you can learn to live with.
I have learned to stop showing that I care but I have not yet learned how to stop caring..
It is usually after being let down; that we learn not to have expectations..!
It takes just a few seconds to spoil a perfectly happy mood & it takes only one special memory to bring it back again..
Fear out of respect and respect out of fear are two different things. Fear itself is not a positive feeling but fearing someone because you respect them is somewhat acceptable but respecting someone just because you fear them is wrong.
When I know someone has lied to me, I am not bothered by knowing that I have been lied to; I am very much bothered by the fact that I would never be able to trust that person completely. Somewhere at the back of my mind would be a thought that would tell me - maybe the person is lying..!
I believe - Being good at writing a story is not about the story being unpredictable. It is about the way you narrate the predictable story and still keep the reader interested..
Sometimes, sadness engulfs me like a strong feeling of nausea that does not go until I have vomited tears.
When you let someone influence you, your decisions, only because you value them, care for them, never want to hurt them; it might at some point of time give them an impression that they are capable of intimidating you..
You can never really accept the way life turned out to be if somewhere deep within you regret the way it did not turn out to be. What once was, was. What it is now, is just the way it is. So, accept it, if not dare to stand up and change it.
I have seen in children more maturity than I have seen in adults.. An understanding beyond understanding and compassion beyond any limits. I have seen in children, the ability to keep humanity alive.
Don't ask the question if you are not ready to hear the answer
All of a sudden, unexpectedly and from unexpected source you get the most important lesson in life, often as a tight slap on your face. The lesson is meant to be learned but the unexpected part of it is mostly because you are not ready to accept it, are not open to the option..
When someone keeps his/her Ego aside while interacting with you; the least you can do for that person is not hurt his/her self respect.
There is a thin line between being innocent and being stupid. In the journey of life I have been walking on that thin line, sometimes walking over to the other side of the line and being stupid. That little trip has taught me many a big lessons. Being innocent, too, has not been an easy choice but I do not regret being so. Being innocent has allowed me to trust, to love unconditionally, and to give without expectation.
The time taken to begin living a new life depends on whether the new life is your own choice or you have been forced to start it.
Never say something about someone behind his / her back that which you are reluctant and / or ashamed of admitting having said, in front of that person.
The most difficult part of keeping a secret is not the inability to keep it from others; it is knowing that it is supposed to be kept a secret...
Some songs bring back memories. When you close your eyes and listen to them you do not really visualize the video of the song, but that special memory in your life, that particular day when you had listened to the song and really enjoyed the lyrics, apart from the music.
Few people have a heart big enough to go out of the way and do something nice for someone; but then, also have a mouth big enough to mention it and ruin it all.
Your value is not what others decide. It is what it is as known to you.
Being a sister to a brother is like being both a mother and a daughter to him at the same time.
Someone being friendly to you does not mean he/she is your friend. There is a lot of difference between being friendly and being a friend. A friend is forever; being friendly is momentary, selfish, something like visiting hours. No meaning before, meaningless and trespassing after.
We all should be like small kids. If they are hurt they cry for a while and then get over it. Tears in eyes replaced by smile on lips. They don't hold grudge against the one who has hurt them. Within minutes they are in the arms of the same person again, smiling, laughing and playing.
Do not dislike someone for not being the person you thought they are or you wanted them to be. Learn to like them for what they are and what's good in them.
To know what to say is important but to know when and how to say it, is equally important, too.
When you go through bad times, each and every moment transforms you into a better person. Each hurt caused, every hard time teaches you a lesson you remember for a long time and in future when you come across similar testing times you know a better way of handling the situation. Never regret your past or the bad times, they never really go waste.
We all like to have our own love stories; even if it means having one without a happy ending.
Some dreams seem so real. Some of them make you sad and you wake up crying. Some make you happy and you wake up smiling. You can go back to sleep but you cannot have the same dream again. Some parts of reality seem like a dream. Some make you cry, you want to wake up, even if it means waking up feeling sad. You hope it will pass like a bad dream. Some make you laugh and you feel happy, reluctant to allow the moment to pass because you know the feeling ain't coming back.
It is not always about what you want in life; sometimes, it is about what you can sacrifice for the people you want in your life.
We all have a lot of questions in Life: Some we ask but never get answer for, some we ask and by the time we get the answer it is too late. Some we never ask because we already know the answer and how much it would hurt to hear it from the other person.
If you know someone's weak-point, make sure you do not use it as a weapon against them
Caring nature is like an itching that does not go easily. No medication, harsh treatment can stop you from caring. If you repeatedly say that you don't care or you care a damn; it actually means that you care and would continue to care, despite trying not to and it is nothing but an attempt to convince yourself to quit caring though within your heart you know that you would continue to care
When you step into someone's shoes and try to walk and you realize you are lead-foot, unable to step ahead or too fearful of lifting your foot; that is when you learn to appreciate the good in the person and his strength to walk.
Never ever compromise with the innocence within you. Always keep it alive no matter what the circumstances. There would be difficult times trying your patience; forcing you to grow up. Face them but let the innocent you continue to live for this innocent part of you would make everything worthwhile - All the efforts, the struggle. In the end your innocence would give you the true happiness.
Despite all the bads that are seen in a person, try to find one good thing about that person which would make you like him and concentrate on it. You never know the person might be genuinely hoping that someone see the good in him and you being that someone might mean a lot to him. Apart from this, seeing the good in someone, brings out the best in you.
There was a time when I spoke everything that was in my heart; now I keep in my heart everything that I had to speak.
When people are being good to you, you can never imagine yourself to be the wrong person in their life. It is when those people realize they can have a life without you, do they say something which makes you realize how much precious time of theirs have you wasted by being a part of their life.
It becomes easier to forgive someone when you give up having expectations from them.
There would be trying times in your life when you are tempted to quit being good to someone specific or in general. Those are the times when despite all the negativities, you must convince yourself to continue being good.
I write, because I like to write. Sometimes, I write even when I can speak because I am more expressive when I write. Sometimes, people read, sometimes, they don't. I still write, because I like to write. Some people do not like what I write, some people do not like that I write. Still, I write what I want to write because I like to write and I will write.
People, especially close ones, take you for granted because they feel they have the right over you as you are close to their heart. They know that you would understand. If you feel your presence in their life is not highlighted, instead of being disappointed be happy that they trust you enough to take your presence casually, just like normal breathing, without taking extra effort. Next time you feel frustrated or disappointed on being taken for granted, remind yourself that it is your closeness to their heart that makes them do it and you will find your own heart filling with love for them.
There are moments when you sit still, alone, sad and depressed. Then, something happens and you smile. It can be something happening around you or just a memory. There are some things, however small they might be, that make you forget the hardships of life and make you smile, give you strength to carry on. Always cherish those small things. Life is not always sunshine, there are storms and trying times. These little things are your life support system. Preserve them well.

Different people want different things. What you want might not be what someone else wants. In case of conflicting viewpoints of the same matter, the end result would always depend on whose thoughts are more powerful.

The subtle hints ignored in the past have their own way to slap themselves on your face when the time comes.

You have the entire right to be angry but none at all to fuel someone else's anger

The calmest person is the one who usually hides the wildest storm within.

Communication is a lot better than assumptions & doubts but on the other hand; no communication is better than mis-communication.

Sometimes being strong has its drawbacks. Everyone assumes you can handle tough situations but no one thinks that there are times when even the toughest have nervous breakdowns.

We all should have at least one happy memory, which is strong enough to make us smile despite all the odds. However depressed and/or frustrated we are, this memory should be able to not only neutralize the negativity but add positivity to our outlook towards life.

If you hate me for being the good person that I am; I can only laugh on you for being the stupid person that you are!

Life - It can be easy, if we allow it to be.
Breathe - Rhythmically and deep
Close your eyes - Erase out the world
Listen - The minute sounds of nature.
Smile - Brighten your soul
And, then you will find - Not a single frown to be dealt with.
Life - It can be easy, if we allow it to be.

Sometimes, simply letting it go is not sufficient. You have to make sure that it does not return.

Sometimes you just get tired of being good. The problem, though, is that not being good becomes difficult for you and even hurts you, perhaps more than the person to whom you are 'not being good'

What is innocence for you is stupidity for someone else

We all have our own ways of dealing with a situation not directly affecting us, but indirectly, yes. Some deal with it selfishly, putting their priorities and ease first. There are very few people who would plunge into a situation head-on without caring about their priorities and ease. A few are so selfish that they simply take a detour from the situation.

Getting too involved emotionally with anyone is like going dangerously close to fire. It's ought to burn, you cannot complain.

Never love someone so much as to become an inseparable part of that person losing your identity. Love the person as you instead of becoming the you they want to love.

Sometimes you spend many years learning absolutely nothing in life; sometimes lifetime of experiences are gained within a span of few years.

What seems wrong to you might be perfectly fine for someone else. Life is all about perspective and priorities.

Sometimes you decide to walk out of someone's life for specific period of time and when you return you realize that the person did not even know that you were gone. It means two things.
One: You do not mean anything to that person, your absence did not make any difference to his/her life.
Two: The person trusts you so much that he/she can never imagine that you would walk out. Your absence might mean invisible presence in that person's life.
Now it depends on you, how you want to take it as.

Some people like finding faults in other people. They'd take a lot of trouble to prove other people wrong. The best we can do is keep a distance from such people and If, we cannot, the second best thing to do is let them have fun and not get riled up. They'll tire themselves out.

The best way to make someone feel the importance of your presence is to make them experience your absence.

Sometimes we are so fed up of being told that we are wrong, even when we are not; that we tend to lose our temper even though we realize that we truly are.

Many people can step into someone else's shoes. The difficult thing to do is not to step into but walk wearing someone else's shoes.

Give your shoulder to someone to cry; but never to place a gun to shoot someone else.

There are very few people who are ready to be 'punch bags' for you and 'absorbing sponges' for all your mistakes and the blames. Treasure those people throughout your life.

Never say "I would give anything for this"
You never know what others would ask for or for that matter- what life might take from you in return of what you ask.

You can never be a part of someone's life the way you want to be just like you won't allow someone else to be a part of your life the way they want to be.

People do not like being told that their intentions are crystal clear & you can read their mind as well as their face for their nature & behavior. Though many boast of transparency no one wills to be transparent & vulnerable.

Willingness to reach out is important. Then come the other issues like reaching out to the right person at the right time and in a right way.

If you nail your foot in the past, you cannot step forward into the present, forget stepping into the future

Sometimes we lie to someone not because we are afraid to tell the truth but because we know that the truth is beyond the capacity of the concerned person

Some words are meant only for the one who writes them.

There are people who feel guilty without any reason, imagining that they are the ones who are at fault, there are people who make mistakes but never realize, there are people who make mistakes, realize but never confess or apologize, there are people who make mistakes, realize and apologize, there are people who make mistakes, realize, apologize and attempt to make things right. And, there are people who make mistakes and blame it on others, believing that it's the other person who is always wrong.

Some things that hurt you continue to happen repeatedly, unless you find a way to stop it. Sometimes you let them happen because stopping them might mean hurting someone you care about. Some relationships are valuable enough. Even if it means that the value is known only to you.

It is always better to know your own limits than others having to tell you about it. Former makes you glad about self control, latter hurts as humiliation.

Some people have their own set of rules, are firm on their decisions even if it means hurting others with genuine intentions that cross into their thought boundaries. What do we call such people? Disciplined or adamant?

I might not say all that I think, but I think all that I say

Sometimes, without even realizing ourself, we say something or do something that means a lot to someone. The joy of knowing that our words or actions have changed someone for good is beyond comparison.

If you tell me - here are thousand possible ways to let go of the past that haunts. I'd say There is only one possible way- And it is through your heart.

You cannot force someone to trust you; it has to come from within.

You are too important. You are important too. Lot of difference...

You cannot change what others think of you however; you can change what you think of them.

If you genuinely feel there should be a way; then there definitely will be

I cannot stop you from thinking what you think about me; but I can at least stop myself from being affected by what you think.

There is nothing you can do about being misunderstood. That is totally other people's business...

Faith takes us a long way! But we realize it after reaching there... Till then it is a blind journey!!

A distressed mind always misunderstands.

Few people never cry in public, it does not mean they never cry. Sometimes, this composed exterior turns into a handicap for them

As a writer, I believe (my way of writing) that like love, when you write about sex, it should be written in a way to make it sound like something special, like two people coming together from the depth of their being and not just the two bodies. Make people imagine it as something divine and not some porn.

A first impression is the last impression they say. This is true if you believe in your instincts. Otherwise it makes no sense. We cannot judge people superficially. Sometimes, they are not what they seem to be. It is over a period of time that we are able to understand what they really are. We get to know them as we interact with them.

Never explain yourself to anyone, those who know you, know you, those who don't, won't believe your explanation, anyways!

We all desire that one extra moment we can spend with the ones we love, extra moment when we can get the chance to correct the wrong. Life, it does not give extra but the moments we have in our hands, we must learn to utilize them as we would utilize that extra moment, if life ever granted us our wish. Spend as much time as you can with the ones you love. Set things right when you still have the time. Apologize for your mistakes, tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

You can be more than what you are, if you allow yourself to be...

Do what you feel ( feel, not think) is right even if no one approves of it.

There might have been moments in 2011 when you regretted doing things you did or saying things you said that hurt someone, those moments are now long gone. As you step into 2012 it is time you say a real good-bye to those moments and promise yourself to avoid them this year. There must have been moments in 2011 when you were proud of things you did or said things you said that made someone smile, even those moments are gone with 2011 but let their memories stay with you through 2012, encouraging you to keep doing or saying those things and add smiles to faces of people. You can never know how much someone needs that smile in their life and how much difference it would make to them, sometimes it can be life changing!

Never expect someone to not do something you do not want them to do if you are giving them the option to do it.

The most effective way to put forth your point of view is to remain silent.

Grow up each day, little by little, in a meaningful way.

God says, "I'll show you the way; you just need to keep your eyes open"

Some things do not make any sense, mostly to others, but, sometimes to yourself, too. Yet, you do those things because they make you feel happy. Do them, making sense is not everything.

When you are not a part of the conversation/discussion, the best thing to do is politely ask to be excused and, leave.

When you do a favor for someone, a favor bigger than the actual favor would be to not let that person realize that you are doing a favor for him.

Be there to help someone get up when they fall, instead of being there for them so that they don't fall. Sometimes, that is the right way.

Don't miss out on the little things in life in the chase to achieve the bigger things...

It is better to be what you are and be hated for it rather than be loved for what you are not

People who do not value your presence in their life would be least affected by your absence.

The girl who always has time to listen to you vent and is willing to give her opinion to help you in anyway that she can, may sometimes feel lonely, too.

Never allow such circumstances to arise in your life when you have to say sorry. However, when they do arise, never hesitate to say the word.

When you grow up, life's circumstances might force you to grow up twice your age but despite everything, always care and love everyone as someone half your actual age. That would keep you younger at heart, in a way. This is the principle I follow in my life.

Never allow anyone to toy with your self-confidence. It is called self, it is yours to keep. Nurture it, don't let it be destroyed.

Having the last word in an argument does not always mean you won. Sometimes, it means that the other person is simply not interested in arguing.

The most tiresome conversation you can have is the one you have with yourself. The one that constantly runs through your mind. Always and forever.

Always keep doing little things for someone that adds a smile to their face because small things make a big difference.

The fire that burns within you, despite all the storms, despite the burning it might cause you within, for some time, during some days, however low the flame gets in the cold circumstances, never ever let it die. Keep it burning. That is the flame, which will keep you human, the flame that will encourage to keep you going. It is a just not any flame, it is divine. Born out of your soul, appreciate its presence, fuel it with optimism and faith... always.

Getting your doubts cleared is always a better option rather than having a misconception.

I was what I was, I am what I am and I will be what I will be. I might even change myself for you if I feel it is the right thing to do, you can like me for that. But then, I might not change the way you want me to be if it means compromising my identity, you can hate me for that. In the end, my inner-self gets the priority.

It is easier for people to hurt you because you allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to get hurt.

There are few things impossible to be true in this practical world that we live in; in spite of knowing this, we want to believe them.

You cannot be a part of someone's life more than how much they allow you to be and vice-versa

Always forgive those who treat you less than what you deserve and never believe those who treat you more than you deserve.

Sad part of being good is that people expect you to be better and when you become better they expect you to be the best, which is something no one has ever been and no one can ever be.

Some people need you, you need some people. Someone cannot be there for you, you cannot be there for someone. Happens. That's Life...

Some people are stronger than you think while some are really good in pretending

One moment you think everything is under control and another moment someone else controls you. Drawbacks of being sentimental.

Some thoughts keep running through your head like you are watching some movie, some of these thoughts repeat themselves, like you watch your favorite movies again. The only difference is that these thoughts are not favorite and you can give anything to make them go away.

The memory of a happy moment gives us the strength to face many moments of pain. Go on, make happy memories... Always have enough back up!

It is not how it used to be once, it won't be how it is now. Things change, people change, priorities change, day after day after day. It is inevitable.

We all have our shortcomings, we all carry some bad in us, yet we do not dislike ourselves for it then who gives us the right to judge others for the same qualities they have and dislike them for it?

As a child we all dream of being a grown up and when we grow up ... we wake up!

We all have our own dreams, you have yours, I have mine. Sometimes, we get lucky when our dreams travel the same path but sometimes, they just Don't. It is inappropriate for me to ask you to travel mine and for you to ask me to travel yours. We need to follow our own paths, howmuchever painful it might get...

When you say something or do something without any malicious intentions, you often do not think as to how those actions or words would be interpreted by others.

Having hope is one thing, giving hope is different and giving hope to someone when you yourself are feeling hopeless is divine.

Never trust anyone to do your work for you. They can never put in the efforts and true feelings into the work as you do.

A lot depends on how you frame sentences.

Maybe ... Maybe not ... Painfully crushed between two contradictory thoughts. Aren't we all, at some point in our lives?

Adjusting with someone does not mean fitting like a block in a puzzle. It is more than that, it is expanding your thoughts into the thoughts of others and understanding them.

I m good with analyzing. Capable of helping people take decisions. But when it comes to spontaneous reactions, I am lost. Often I fail to react & then I think I should have said this, done that. Sometimes, I say something that is totally misunderstood. Next time, dear life, please think twice before subjecting me to such situations. Thank you.

In our day to day life, HE shows us the way, teaches us lessons many a times, in His unique way. Of all those times we are able to grasp only the ones our ego mind allows us to perceive.

Forgiving someone depends on the severity of the mistake committed but at the same time and more importantly it depends on how much the person regrets his/her mistake and is ready to correct it in the future.

Each and every person has a powerful force radiating out of him/her, what we call as Vibes. They can be good or bad, powerful all the same. What sort of vibes are you giving out? The kind which would encourage someone to plunge into the unknown with faith in their heart or the one which would make them feel insecure even amidst the safest surroundings?

It is not necessary that you always agree with me; you may disagree but you need not tell me.

We often take those who love us, for granted. When they are upset because of us, we leave them alone without trying to convince them, expecting that they would 'come around'. Most of the times they do because they care, but sometimes, they just ... Don't!

Being stupid is better than being oversmart

When we do not have time for others; why expect that others will have time for us?

When you walk through your life, some people walk along with you, a few steps behind, caring for you and watching over you. Make sure you turn around to give an acknowledging smile for they might not mention but they too want to be noticed, if not cared for. Keep walking, looking ahead, too busy with yourself and one day you will find yourself walking alone. Their caring might still envelope you but their presence would be dearly missed

All we want is ... to be heard

The true meaning of what you say is lost somewhere between you saying it and others understanding it in the way it suits them

When someone insults/hurts/gets angry on you, simply Smile. There's no better combination of shield and sword than smile and silence.

Possessiveness is more harmful to self than to others

You get hurt because you expect. Consider whose fault that is ...!

Sometimes it just hurts beyond maintaining silence, also to people who are known to hide their hurt ...

Tongue when bitten heals quickly; but words uttered by the tongue take time to heal. Therefore, next time you are about to say something that might hurt someone, bite your tongue instead.

An innocent heart has a carefree tongue...

There will be many paths/matters/decisions in life that would confuse you. It'll be easier for you if you believe in the fact that what is right always goes through the heart.

Each person has a different shoe size, so we cannot really 'step into' other person's shoes as the saying goes

Present moment: complain about one thing in your life
next moment: your mind gives you many more things to complain about. That's how it has always been, always is & always would be.

Has it ever happened to you, you are having a conversation/telephonic conversation with someone & all of a sudden your mind just drifts away, you get sucked into thoughts (conversation with yourself)? What do you do? Pretend to have heard every word that the other person said or ask the person to repeat?

Appreciate what you have then you won't have time to complain about what you don't.

Take one person from your life. There are a few things you like about this person, few things you do not like. The person is same, he/she is what he/she is. It is your liking or disliking that changes. It is your perspective.
In the things you like, that person is YOU , in the things you do not like, that person is NOT YOU. And, that my friend, bothers you.

Never increase someone's expectations if you are not going to fulfill them.

People let you down when your image of them changes to what they really are.

We all need a stranger in our lives; a stranger who would listen unbiased.

Those innocent conversations; those lighthearted talks; those jokes, which are meant to be just that - jokes, let them be a part of your life forever. They might seem to be unimportant & unwanted but when the right time comes it's these very little moments that would make a huge difference. Never taint these moments with malicious intentions. Avoid hiding jealousy & hatred behind the words that come together in their purest form.

What you read is not important. What you learn & pick up from what you read is what matters

The easiest way out is usually not the right way out...

There is a lot more maturity in silence than there is in spoken words.

When someone says something that hurts you, there are two chances. 1. It was said with the intention of hurting you or 2. It was unintentional. It is for our own good that we consider it to be unintentional. Our perspective we can work upon.

Being brave is not about 'not crying'; it is about knowing that you are on the verge of crying & are surrounded by people who'd laugh calling you weak & still allowing the tears to flow because that's what makes you feel better.

If your heart is full of hate; there is no room for God to stay

Rights and duties are two sides of the same coin

We see miracles in the little things in life; If we keep our eyes open to them...

We all have sad thoughts at times we want to ignore them. The Secret tells us to shrug off thoughts that do not give you a good feeling. I believe we should think those thoughts, get done with it but make sure you promise yourself that despite all the mess you find yourself in, you will swim against the tide and reach the shore of optimism. That's the way to deal with negativity.

When you do something and are afraid of the reactions you might get for that, know it in your heart that what you did was wrong.

Never treat someone the way others want you to treat them; follow your instinct, listen to your heart and you will know what you need to do.

Sometimes, the interpretation of your statement is way different than what you wish to convey...

Negative vibes are contagious! People with poor immune system of optimism are more prone to be infected. Those with high levels of optimism sail through clean. Those with average immunity struggle, but still manage to survive. Immunity injections available in stores named Faith.

when it changed? why it changed? stop seeking answers. accept it or change it again.

Never act as per everybody's expectations. There is always going to be someone whom you'll be disappointing!

Sometimes, silence is the best reply. But... not always! At times it could be worst. You must be able to know when exactly you need to be silent.

We cannot travel back in time, forget being able to change a past event. That does not stop our mind from thinking "if I had not done this" "if I had done that" & here lies the reason for our unhappiness.

Do not think whether they are being good to you, Ask yourself, "Am I being good to them?"

The fear of losing those whom we love makes us possessive towards them,
Which is why we lose them.

One day I complained to God,
"I am fed up of the life you have given me, I just don't like to be me"
God replied,
"I can understand my child, I have been through this,
Sometimes I just don't like being God ...
Why not switch places?"
Since that day, I began to love the life I had and liked being me!

When do you try to prove yourself right? When somewhere deep down you feel you might be wrong.

Never take for granted those who love you and care for you. If you hurt them, they might never show you but eventually you will have to share the burden of their pain. It has always been like that and will continue to be like that for times to come.

Continue doing small things to touch someone's life, those small things might make a huge difference to them. Big things catch the eye, small things might be missed. When you do the small things you are giving out a message "I don't care if it is not seen, I am doing my part" and that is what is worth appreciating.

All of us carry a fire withing us and we all do not realize the potential of that fire. This fire is very strong in some people. If used in the right way, this fire has the capacity to bring about a tremendous change, unfortunately this fire is used wrongly and come out in wrong emotions of hatred and jealousy.

When you tell the truth you should not bother whether people will believe it to be true. The truth is for your own good rather than for the world's.

There's a difference in being angry and being hurt I used to say. Now, I realize, both are different names of negativity.

If you tell me or I tell you that we have never been jealous in our life; we both would be lying not only to each other but to ourselves, too. We are humans and all humans get jealous in their life mostly more than once or at least once. Best thing to do is, accept it and work towards neutralizing the negativity of jealousy

It takes a lot of effort to realize that there is a calmer way to put forth your point of view.

I have certain sets of ethics/principles & care less if anyone does not like it. My ethics tell me not to support wrong even if the person doing wrong is your own.

Why do people pretend to be what they are not?
Because - they fear others will not like what they are ...
Why do they fear others will not like what they are?
Because - somewhere inside their mind/heart/conscience they know they have something in them that is wrong and would not be liked.
Then ...
Would, 'changing yourself to be the right person who would be liked by others' not be the right thing to do?

Each one of us has our own version of the story, our own perspective of a matter at hand.

There are so many things in life we cannot explain, so many things we wish we never have to explain. There are times when we wish we could just break free, forget what matters, walk into the darkness, steal ourselves away from everything and everyone. It is about how we deal with such moments, is what life is made up of. It is our attitude that defines who we are.

There is a very thin line of differentiation between clarifying the doubts and accusations. Not all are able to see that line.

The most disappointed person is the one who expects the most...

Never push yourself too much into someone's life.

What role you play in someone's life does not depend upon you, but on the person whose life we are talking about, as to how much he/she allows us to be a part of it.

Sometimes I wonder, how many times do I have to prove myself and to how many people?
Then I ask myself - why do I need to? I am what I am, I am an open book for people to read, it's their job to read me right.

Facts do not change even if you refuse to accept it. The best thing is to accept it, suffer the pain once and for all instead of going through the hurt every time life throws facts on your face and you refuse to accept it.

The worst part of been cheated is not that you've been cheated, it's the parasite of doubt that clings to the back of your mind asking you - are you being cheated, again?

We all like to do something special for someone, we all like it when someone does something special for us. We all want to be appreciated for what we do, how many of us appreciate others? We all feel hurt when our caring goes unappreciated. How many of us realize other peoples pain? We expect others to fulfill our expectations, why not begin with expecting from ourselves?

Human reaction when confronted with the truth we dislike. First, frustration/anger. Second, consideration. Third, realization. Fourth, silent acceptance & public denial
and lastly, attempt to cover up.

Life has taught me quite a few valuable lessons. One of those few -
Hope for a better tomorrow; however, do not except others will help you.

Different people have different ways to deal with an issue. Problem arises only when different people are dealing differently with the same issue...

If you tell someone "I will always be there for you" you are not only lying to the person but to yourself, too. You can never be "always" present for someone. The appropriate words to use are, "My good thoughts would always be with you". Good thoughts once released into the universe are always present and can be felt by the person, however far he/she might be, however busy you might be.

It might not be easy but it's not impossible either...

Life's made up of many events, some we like some we don't. Over some we have control & over some, not. We complain about a few things & are thankful 4 few. All the way it is our perspective. Complaining brings in negativity. Accepting makes us optimistic. We can change what we do not like, to something that of our liking and, that we can do even after accepting what we do not like. Difficult to do, but not impossible

There are different types of people in this world. People who make difficult situation look simple, people who make simple situation look complicated and then, there are people who assess the situation properly, take it as it is and find a way through it & come out as winners...

While living in the present, when we do something we never realize that there might be a different angle to it, only when we look back in time do we realize that it could've been or perhaps has been wrongly judged by others.

When someone betrays you, you are equally responsible

The best thing about life is that it goes on ...
Nothing stays forever ... let it be joy or sorrow.

Your love, care, concern and respect for a person is shown in the little things you do and not in purposefully done big deeds...

Gaining someone's confidence is good; but doing so by stepping onto someone else's foot is inappropriate.

You may find hundreds and thousands to share your joy, but only one person can be your companion for the bad phase of your life. That person is you. It is only your optimistic thinking that would help to keep you sane amidst the challenging circumstances.

It's acceptable to not being liked for who I am; but do not hate me for what you think I am.

Silence suits me, if it really gives what it should truly give - peace of mind.

I am never alone when I am with myself, it's when people crowd my mind, that I am worried, scared & most lonely.

Understanding is one thing and implementing what you understand is another. Understanding makes no sense if implementation does not follow.

The amount / level of patience we show depends upon the kind of relationship we are dealing with.

"It is none of my business" is always followed by a "but". I cannot explain why it is so, but I do know one thing for sure - sometimes what seems like none of our business is actually the 'business' God has intended for us.

Save yourself from the trouble of counting other people's mistakes; count yours that is more than sufficient & beneficial, too.

How much time does it take for a person to change from what he was/is to what he wants to be? Definitely less than the time taken to be what he should be!

If you see me as you want to see me, you are not seeing me, what you are seeing is the reflection of someone you want to be.

I might not be as good as I pretend to be; but I am not as bad as you think I am

Never give up on your dreams, you never know when God might decide to say 'Amen'. Let Him see through your eyes and then His vision will sparkle in yours.

A man's ears are closed to philosophical talks (you may even call it advice by your choice), right when he is in need of it.

If we were given a penny for every dream we see, we would be richer every night. And, a penny given for every dream fulfilled, empty-handed in the mornings we would be...

Each person, in some corner of his heart, expects care in return of care even though he claims to be giving without expecting anything in return. That is how we Humans are created. A curse of expectation, we all carry over our heads.

A man will be much 'richer' if he uses his two cents, instead of giving them away.

We all believe that what we believe is true.

Sometimes when things happen we spend hours & days to figure out the 'why' and then what? What do we do? What can we do?

Human tendency : We can fight for our rights but not for what is right.

Most of the times when we are seeking opinion, we are actually looking forward to hearing words that reflect our own decision.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are trusted. At the same time, it leaves us with a scary thought at the back of our mind "Would I be able to cope with the huge responsibility that comes with it?"

The one who spits jealousy on earth; pays the fine in the kingdom of God

That which is unacceptable from within, is always wrong.

Never form an opinion about someone; you can never know 100% of what a person is made up of. If at all you must form an opinion, try and make it a good one

Once you are done with writing the journal, you should never return to it to read. Good memories or bad memories, they are past and dealt with. Writing your
thoughts should be an outgoing route & not an incoming one.

I would have; if I could have ...

If I had the authority; there are quite a few things I'd have changed. I wish ...

Laugh at your problems; it will confuse them

It's small things (I'd like to call them small miracles) in life that make big difference and shows us the presence of God in our lives. Sometimes, it just happens that we ask and then we forget but He does not. I asked, I forgot, He gave.

Someday, yes ... someday ... It will definitely happen and, when it happens everyone will know and understand ...

When someone pretends to be nice; over a period of time he/she gets tired of doing that. The best idea is to infuse goodness and understanding in your nature.

The key is to get to know people and trust them to be who they are. Instead, we trust people to be who we want them to be- and when they're not, we cry."

Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.

You cannot consider the things set straight & taken care of if there's a 'but still...' hovering above it.

My dreams might be too big to achieve right now, but if I keep them burning in my heart like a candle, I know one day, I will be big enough to fulfill them.

God gave us tears (the ability to cry) so that we could cleanse our soul & we humans insulted Him by using tears as weapon.

Perspective, is what matters in the end.

Once hurt. Twice hurt. Thrice hurt. Maintained Silence. Fourth time you cannot tell people that you are hurt because by that time people take you so much for granted that they feel they can hurt you as and when they want.

Fear kills a man before he dies

We all are egoistic; only a few people have the mental strength to admit it.

Life is full of shit, each one of us gets his/her own share & we have to gulp it down (with a smile)

Is it appropriate to be(come) wrong only because you're considered wrong even when you're right, in the past?

Life never ceases to surprise me!

Do you believe that people, even after they are gone, continue to be present in the lives of their own ones in the form of their belongings? I mean, in terms of
blessings, guidance and control, apart from memories...

I wonder sometimes, how some people manage to find happiness in the little things while some turn a blind eye to it.

When someone treats you badly, the most effective punishment for that person is to treat him well.

People who talk about having a lot of patience are the ones who actually lack it.

Everyone likes to be loved; but not all know how to love in return

I've not yet come across a person who does not react when pinched in the ass.

A person who boasts about his spiritual achievements has actually achieved nothing and has a long way to go because every time he boasts about it, he moves
one step backwards.

Fact: Anger of a person is easily seen than the hurt and the tears

When you do something, it should be because you want to do it and not because you have to do it.

You must be brave enough to accept when you make a mistake.

Sometimes, seeking approval is not because I want it ...
It is my way of letting someone know that "you are important"

All my life I've believed in one to one dealing with any relationship. Now, I realize it does not work all the time. A few relations are too jumbled up for that

I have been spoiled ... By Life.

A lie that can prevent misunderstandings or fights is a lot better than any truth ever told

Truth that may lead to misunderstandings or fights is more malicious than a lie told for whatever reason.

The negative vibes you feel are not only of your own thoughts but, also of the thoughts of people around you.

Mistakes can be corrected only if you first realize that you have made one

Assumptions & expectations, two cousins responsible for most of the chaos in the world. Solution? Assume good things & expect from yourself.

Mistakes are pardonable, wrong doings are not. mistakes 'happen', wrong doings are 'done'.

 To be truly forgiven for your mistake, apart from others forgiving you, you have to forgive yourself.

Blindness of the eye can be dealt with, but a mind 'blinded' with (bad) ego becomes difficult to handle...

Maan - sanmaan, apmaan, ahankaar - bull shit! Prem - sneh, aapulki rocks! My views.

Caring is something you cannot teach someone, it is in-built.

People change; priorities change!

Honesty pays in the end; but before that a honest person has to pay a lot in life!

It is only after moving ahead in life do we realize what we have left behind & after looking ahead do we realize that we have a long way to go. The present is just a transient phase. It's flexible, as much as our thoughts, and we can drag it across the imaginary line into the past or push it forward into the future, however it always manages to snap back to its own self. The present - a present from God.

We all like to believe that we are the 'tallest' person around until we come across someone 'taller' than us.

Keep dreaming, no matter what. Dreams might or might not come true but they fill your heart with hope, happiness runs through your bloodstream & gives you a
feeling that you can accomplish whatever you want. They give you a reason to be hopeful. If one dream does not come true, do not be disappointed, for it might just be a catalyst for you to achieve what you deserve.

In life there are moments when you want to be left alone, then there are moments when you do not like being left alone. Moments when you want nothing to do with anyone & moments when you do not like being nothing to others. We all go through such moments. There is nothing wrong in feeling that way. What matters is how well you handle it.

The best way out of a problem is through it and not around it.

I believe, there is a difference between being friendly and being a 'friend'. Many people can be friendly with you, but being a friend is a tough task.

Every writer has a story to tell...
And a story, which he / she can never tell!

There are circumstances in life when; how you say it is more important than what you say

One day you wake up & tell yourself 'enough of being emotional; let me be practical now!' Is this change possible? Can you really discard the 'in-built' sensitivity running through you all the while?

Certain people will react in a certain manner to certain things; you can be certain about that!

Sometimes, some things just do not make sense and the more you try to figure it out; the more you feel frustrated about it. The best option is to Let it be.

Being truthful is often considered one of the symptoms of being immature

Smiling is most essential & highly effective especially when circumstances suggest otherwise!

What color the world seems to be depends on what color glasses you wear. Meaning, things and people will seem to be the way you perceive them to be irrespective of whether they really are that way or not. Therefore, make sure you put on the correct glasses. Have a bright perspective and everything/everyone will seem to be just that. Bright AND Right. It would do more good to you than to anyone else. My two cents.

"Learn to take your own decisions; Irrespective of whether they turn out to be right or wrong. A wrong decision does not mean failing, a wrong decision is the first step to knowing what a right decision is. So, let the first time come because what would then follow would be right. You never know - You might just get lucky and be right the first time!"

Hundred moments of sadness can be wiped out even by memory of one happy moment

Has it ever happened to you… you are saying something and suddenly you realize it would be misinterpreted and then halfway through you just say something else instead of what you had meant to say? How well do you carry it off? Or, do you even try not to say what you were about to say?

Being a good listener has its ups & downs. Up in the sense, it feels good to be trusted by others as to share their thoughts/feelings etc. Down - you end up being just that "listener" & have no one you can talk to...

It takes time; more for some people, but eventually we all learn to forgive

I hate it when people do not put in their 100% / put in their heart in whatever they do. Makes no sense to me.

Right things are not possible always, possible things are not right always; Be true to your heart, you will never go wrong!

Why do people need bigger miracles to believe in the power of their thoughts? Why can't their belief be based on the smaller miracles of everyday life?

Are you sad, depressed, in pain, desperately searching 4 happiness, in need of a smile? I know someone who can help you 4 Free! That person is YOU.

It is our thoughts and not what others do or say, that has the capacity to upset, anger or disappoint us. Likewise, make us feel happy, satisfied or encouraged.

To regret a past event means to sow the seeds to reap further regrets in the future. A mistake, best dealt with, is a mistake forgotten and a lesson learned. V
ought to move ahead, look towards the future with clarity. Our thoughts should be devoid of regrets, fear or pain.

To be in peace with the inner-self, V must first overcome the turmoil of thoughts and feelings. Only a calmer surface can give the clarity to peek into the depths.

I believe there is a difference between being Angry & being Hurt. Don't label someone as Angry without understanding what's on his mind. My two cents.

We often try too hard to live/survive taking each day as a challenge, because of which we tend to ignore the little things in life which really matter