Violent Waves

Photo (c) Danne 

A broken chair by the sea side
An ache in heart, unexplainable
Tears that refuse to flow
And smile, lost somewhere amidst the violence
I, like the many around, watch helplessly
As the violent waves encroach upon the shore
The terror gripping the mind
The loss, unfathomable
Frustration, finding an escape route in words
Blame it all on this one or that...
Broken chair, just like a broken heart
Unrepairable damage, tears of an innocent child
Like the termites -
Feeding on the wood of the broken chair
Numerous questions feed on the restless minds...
Terminate the questions or
At least find the answers
Mend the broken chair or let it be forgotten
Gulped down by the encroaching violent waves
The disturbing facts, which destroys all that matters.
Poem inspired by above image

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