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I do not write poetry; I take words and dip them in feelings. ~ Arti Honrao.

Untitled Series - XV

Part Fifteen (Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part SevenPart Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen and Part Fourteen)

He could not hide his disappointment when she walked away instead of waiting for him. He thought they were finally on good terms. It definitely seemed so. After a long time, the girl-next-door had finally acknowledged his presence positively. She was a mystery for him. He had recently started living in the room at the chawl and was a shadow himself. But, when he had seen her for the first time, he had wished to know more about her. She was practically invisible most of the times and whenever he did see her, she always had her eyes pinned to the ground as if looking anywhere but at the ground would result in an accident. The accident not being tripping over a stone, but an accident much more serious than that! It seemed as if she was incapable of eye contact. Rohan did not even know her name until recently. Rohan had liked it when she waited for him after climbing out of the cab and they had started walking together towards the stairs. He had merely stopped to say hello to a friend of his when she had walked away.

Review of "Warrior' by Olivier Lafont

About the Book:
Title: Warrior
Author: Olivier Lafont
Publisher: Penguin Books
Language: English
No. of pages: 384
Year of Publication: 2014
ISBN: 9780143423638
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The novel ‘Warrior’ is a high octane, action-packed story that travels all over India and beyond. The hero, Saam, is an immortal warrior who is forced to come out of hiding in today’s Mumbai to pick up arms again and take to the road. His epic journey spans three days across an India torn by unnatural cataclysms, and even stranger lands. To bring back peace Saam must stoke his consuming hunger for war - but at what cost to himself? The book was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia prize.

Join Saam, last son of the Destroyer, on his epic quest to save all existence.

In Mumbai, driven to its knees by a merciless blizzard, Saam the watch mender is cornered into an intolerable position. As Shiva's only earthly demigod child, it falls upon him to stop his indomitable father.
Bred to war, the son of destruction, Saam rides with six extraordinary companions into the horror of a crumbling world to face Shiva.He is forced to join hands with Ara, his half-brother he can never fully trust, and take with him his own mortal beloved, Maya, on this desperate attempt to stop the End of Days. But his path is littered with death, danger and betrayal.
Interweaving mythology, epic adventure and vintage heroism, this enthralling novel will change the way you see Gods, heroes and demons.

Untitled Series - XIV

Part Fourteen (Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part SevenPart Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve and Part Thirteen)

Mansi continued walking trying her best to get the image out of her head. However, it was stuck in her mind - the look he had on his face. Though she tried to convince herself that she did not care, she could not stop herself from wondering. She hated the fact that it made a difference to her, she hated that the look gave rise to an unsettling feeling inside her. What was it in his look? Curiosity or Loathing? And, who was he to give her that look?

Walking in trance, too deep in her thoughts, she did not realize when she reached her room. She opened the door and walked inside; without switching on the lights or changing her clothes she got into the bed. She was too tired to do anything. Her neighbour's face flashed in front of her as she closed her eyes to relax. And, in that vision, after careful observation did she notice the expression in his eyes. The expression that betrayed what his attitude suggested; the expression full of care and concern! She opened her eyes as the thought crossed her mind. She sat up straight in bed, wondering. Was it really possible that he cared for her? He had tried so hard for so many days to pretend to be unaffected by her, ignoring her on purpose. What had changed now? She wanted answers; she needed them for putting to rest the weird feeling that had started rising in her. A feeling she did not particularly hate.