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May 02, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 22 to 30

Arti Honrao | 1:53 AM | | |


trust -
when easily it comes
will inevitably follow.

not everyone
will share your values
give them a stone
and they will throw it at you
you cannot complain, then -
for the hurt they cause you
you might help people
support them in bad times
that need not mean -
they will do the same for you
or even thank you
they might walk away
after they're done using you
and leave you with a feeling -
indescribable in words
something in between -
hurt and regret.

(c) Arti Honrao

*the truth*

learn to listen
to the words not spoken -
the in between the lines
that discloses the truth

learn to observe
the expression in the eyes
the body language
the silence that screams -
'listen to me"

learn to observe
observe to learn
let go of everything
that's meant to demean you

in the truth -
that you are;
who you are meant to be
no matter what -
the others say.

(c) Arti Honrao

*through the pain*

she told herself -
suffering through excruciating pain
all she could do
was scream in pain
needed an extra effort
and it will be over soon
she reminded herself;
it took a while
but it was finally over
she took a deep breath
and closed her eyes
as he was pulled out of her
she heard a loud cry
and her own tears -
rolled out of her eyes
propped up on her elbows -
she saw him
and she smiled;
she ignored the blood-stained sheets
and she smiled
despite the lingering pain
she smiled
because she was born again
she smiled
because she was a mother

(c) Arti Honrao


a writer lives
many lives of his own
as he creates characters
and breathes life into them

he cries
he laughs
he falls in love
and is betrayed
he goes through
every emotion
he's portrayed

he's a survivor
a fighter
he wins over wars
he loses his heart
he reminisces
about the past
he dreams
about the future

a writer
with a pen in hand
is a creator
of a world
parallel to reality
many selves of his
live and die
in that world

the world
where sometimes
the writer
wishes to stay forever
a world where
he has the power
to put an end
to sorrow whenever he wants
where lives
his perfect partner
whom he can love
the way he want

a world where
he is the creator
of extraordinary creation.

(c) Arti Honrao

*the affair*

every night
she lay in bed
watched the moon
and thought of him

every night
he lay in bed
after sex with his wife
satiated and exhausted

every morning
they texted each other
miss you
love you
want to be with you

they met
they kissed
they worked together
the world unaware
of their relationship
he unaware
of the storm
rising inside of her
she unaware
of the mess
she'd make of his life

each day at work
they were perfect partners
they found time
amidst their work schedule
to be together
sometimes in cigarette room
sometimes in rest room

every evening
they left office together
after they kissed
after they promised
to be together again -
the next day

he smiled
as he got into his car
and thought of his beautiful wife
she smiled
as she got into hers
and thought of how
his hands felt on her body

every evening
after office
they went home
of the hurricane
about to hit their lives
and destroy everything
in its path.

(c) Arti Honrao


of happiness
all around
a life
of dreams
a dream
a hand to hold
a heart that cares
this and more
my heart wishes for you

a bright future
successful life
and wealth
a beautiful home
loving family
may life
treat you well
and you succeed
in whatever you do
this and more
is my hope for you

the innocence
the child within
may it always be
a part of you
may you grow up
into a man who cares
an understanding soul
who loves and shares
this and more
i pray for you

and each day

(c) Arti Honrao


she was a survivor
it took years
for her to get rid
of that part of her life -
which gave her the nightmares
every night

she rose like a phoenix
from the ashes of her past
she fought hard
with the demons in her mind
people said she was crazy
that she had 'lost' it
'cannot blame her' -
they said
'especially after
what she has been through'
they sympathasized.
she ignored the comments
she did not need the sympathies
yes, she had suffered a lot-
and yes, she had nearly lost it
but she fought back
and she won
the serpent lay dead -
at her feet.

she was a survivor
she had destroyed -
the serpent of depression.

(c) Arti Honrao

*happily ever after*

a wrong sperm
met an egg
and it happened
it was a rainy day
when she was born
even the Gods cried
as she touched the earth
was it because
of her departure from heaven
or her arrival on earth
no one could tell
not even the angels
a few of them heard
Gods talking
about how good she was
how lively and charismatic
how she made them smile
and how they loved
playing with her
forgetting that they were Gods
and she was a human-
some angels doubted
she was one of them
but the Gods kept silent
no questions were asked
on the day she finally left

she wept
in a dark room
alone and scared
an angel hovered around
wondering why no one cared
she was hungry-
waited to be breast-fed
as her mother wept
cursing her fate
she grew up
on bottled milk
on less than half
her share in heaven
the angel watched
tears in eyes
as she grew up
uncared and unloved
the angel sat next to her
as she sat in a corner
watching her brothers eat
while she waited
for her turn
to satiate her hunger
she gulped down
whatever she got
she did not speak a word
she never complained
while the angel thought
about the full plate
the girl was served in heaven
as she grew up enough to learn
she was taught how to cook
while her brothers went to school
the angel reminisced of the time
Gods had taught her all they could
the angel watched silently
as she was married-
at a tender age of 12
to a man thrice her age
he watched as she screamed in pain
he watched as she struggled in vain
he watched as years later
the man impregnated her
with his seed
yet again, a wrong one
meeting the egg
the angel cried
tears of frustration
the helplessness suffocating
he pleaded
cried in front of Gods
save them both he cried out loud
and watched
as one of the Gods cried silently too
watching the tiny figure in His arms
a decision was made
and the angel sent back to earth
the girl got sick for no reason
and bled to death
and the angel carried her to heaven
where she and her unborn daughter
lived happily ever after...

(c) Arti Honrao

*who am i?*

who am i?
do you know me?
what do you see
when you look at me?
my smile?
or what's carefully concealed-
behind it?
when you look into my eyes
do you read the story in them?
do you try to understand-
what it means, sometimes
when i am lost in thoughts?
do you know-
anything about the journey i have taken?
anything about the choices-
i've had to make?
do you know the story-
behind the scars?
have you been a part-
of my nightmares?
woken up,
in the middle of the night?
sweating and scared?

if you know not;
absolutely anything -
about my path
about how i got to be-
where i am;
think for a hundred times-
and then some more
before you tell someone-
"i know that girl"

(c) Arti Honrao

April 25, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 15 to 21

Arti Honrao | 2:20 AM | | | |


I search for words
As they elude me
Hiding sometimes behind teary eyes,
Locking themselves in the mind

I find them,
In a dried tear
On the pillow.

I lure them-
Try to give them a shape -
On paper
They don't fall prey-
To the temptation.

They are not supposed to be found.

(C) Arti Honrao


papa hold me, she yelled
as she ran towards her father
her arms extended,
a smile on her face -
trust in her eyes.

he picked her in his arms,
kissed her forehead
and hugged her tight to his chest -
he loved his baby girl.

he put her down on the ground
and knelt besides her;
he was at loss of words.
he did not know when -
he would be able to see her again
whether he would be able to see her again.

it was his fault,
he had to go away
leave his baby girl alone -
in the care of a stranger.
it was his fault,
her mother was lying in bed,
gone, stabbed to death -
by him.

it was not his fault,
he suffered -
from the worst illness of all -
post traumatic stress disorder,
they told him
was the monster that ate you alive -
he never believed until
it began after the war;
the one he'd won for his country -
was the one that ruined him in the end.

(c) Arti Honrao


brick by brick
wall to wall
a roof on top
a porch in front
a house we build -
shelter in storm.

care and concern
love in the heart
respect for each other
understanding one another
a home we find -
where relations matter.

houses can be build
homes need effort
hard work and tools -
help you to build a house
love and patience -
would help you find a home.

(c) Arti Honrao


somewhere in time;
long ago
that led me here -
a place i am at today.

no traces
no proof
of the road i traveled
the journey -
from past to present.

i will walk
towards the unknown
leaving no footprints
from present to future;
no one will know
of the journey i have taken
the road i have chosen.

i will be lost
in the dust of time
who walked this earth
journeyed against the odds

no memoirs
no chronicles
will tell how i lived
floating around
like a detached leaf -
one day, settling on the earth
an existence lost.

(c) Arti Honrao

*making a difference*

i fought
i survived
i refused to float away
without making a difference

footprints were lost
in the dust of time
no trace
no proof
i was able to leave behind
of the road i travelled

i might not be able-
to leave footprints behind
but i will make sure
i leave some mark
of the journey i have taken
the road i have chosen

i will fight
i will survive
i will make my existence known
i will be remembered
for the kind person that i am
i will be the seed
that falls from the tree
to give birth to a new one
i will continue
to exist forever.

(c) Arti Honrao

Different version of Lost

*i write*

i write
because i must
i must breathe
to live
if i don't
i will be lost.

i write
what i feel
i write
for myself
for others -

i write
i bleed -
on paper;

i write about -

i write
so that i can sleep
at night
i write
so that i can learn
to forgive
i write
so that i can
move on

i will write
until the day i cannot;
when i am dead
and gone
i will write
so that
i will not be forgotten

(c) Arti Honrao

*Cursed to Love*

Her fate was sealed
The moment she saw him
When he kissed her
She was cursed to love
Love him,
No matter what
Wrong or right
She lived to love him

She was a slave
Of his charms
Everyone told her
She'd sacrifice herself
If he asked of her

True, that was
She'd do anything -
He asked of her;
Not because she was cursed
Or a slave of his
She'd do that because -
In him she had found
The missing part of herself
In the circle of his arms
She found her soul was freed

(C) Arti Honrao

April 14, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 7 to 14

Arti Honrao | 11:30 PM | | | | |


she wakes up in his arms
his breath against her neck;
soft and rhythmic.
she lays motionless, lest
she disturbs his sleep
she feels his presence,
his warm body against hers
his arms around her -
she feels safe.

he turns around in his sleep
and she turns around along with him
roles reversed -
she wraps her arms around him
and breathes against his neck
her warm body against his
he smiles -
as he feels her heart-beat-
against his back -
soft and rhythmic.
he stays motionless, lest
she notices he is awake.

then, she would get up
and the moment would end -
of unspoken promises of togetherness.
they'd get busy with life
and would hardly even find time -
to hold hands or kiss each other
like they used to, before life happened.

she closes her eyes
she'd love to lay in bed -
their bodies entwined as one
let the moment stretch;
as long as it could
she knew he wanted the same
she knew he was awake
she could read his body language -
a habit of so many years.
they lay there, together in bed
re-living moments of their carefree past
neither of them ready yet,
to get out of bed -
and face the struggles of everyday life.
(C) Arti Honrao


They met everyday
They spoke of tomorrows
They'd see the world together,
They promised.

They talked for hours
About waking up to new sunrises
Of living their lives happily
They discussed family;
Of having one some day -
In future.

They always held hands;
When they sat next to each other
As they were hooked to their chemo
They stood by the promises they made
Of being there for the other
Taking care of each other;
Encouraging each another -
As chemo took a toll on their healths.

(C) Arti Honrao

*Selfless Love*

he let her play 
with his toys
let her break them -
during one of her tantrums
he held her close
when she was scared of the dark
he combed her hair
and tucked her in bed.

he was her brother -
not by birth but by fate;
until someone took her away,
for her good,
they told him.

he would soon learn -
not to think of her
to let go of her memories;
just like he had let go -
the one before her.
he would soon learn -
to love another
just like he loved her.

he was a constant -
his 'sisters-by-fate' were not
he wondered whether they remembered him
once they left him in the orphanage;
a broken child -
the one whom no one wanted.

(c) Arti Honrao

*best friend*

she was amazed
by how perfectly his hand fit into hers
as if that's how it was meant to be, forever.

she observed
how their footsteps matched
as they walked together on the street

she knew in her heart
it was him,
the only man she would ever love.

he walked
oblivious to the turmoil in her mind
his eyes set on his goal.

when he'd seen her first
it'd been love at first sight
only he could not gather courage to talk.

today, he was going to tell her
how much he loved her
he was here to meet her at the cafe.

he crossed the street
holding his best friend's hand
the one who'd encouraged him to go ahead.

they crossed the street
and she pulled back her hand from his
secretly hoping he'd notice.

he walked ahead
a smile on his face
not realizing that his friend had stopped walking.

she watched him as he hugged her
she turned around as he took the seat
there was no need for her to be there anymore.

(c) Arti Honrao

*dandelion wisps*
tanka(taiga - with picture)

like dandelion wisps
scattered in the wind, floating
scatter me, just let me float
aimlessly, on the wings of the wind
until i settle in the earth

(c) Arti Honrao

*our love*

as we walk,
hand in hand,
in the soft sand.
we talk,
plans of tomorrow,
our journey,
a long way to go.
oblivious to the world, we kiss,
promises of togethernes,
our hearts beat in rhythm,
the dance of happiness.
our lives,
forever entwined,
meant to be,
perfectly designed.
(c) Arti Honrao

*sand castle*

we build a sand castle
our dreams for our future
wave comes along

(c) Arti Honrao

April 07, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 1 to 7

Arti Honrao | 3:30 AM | | | | |

I have participated in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month is a creative writing project held annually in April in which participants attempt to write a poem each day for one month) and have been posting in a group "The Significant League"
Re-posting those poems here -

*Your Touch* 1.4.16

Your touch
Gentle, soft
Brushing against my skin
I shiver
With anticipation...
- Of moments to come
When we will no longer be
Just you or me
- Of promises made
Unspoken words
That bind us together
Forever, as one

*I Found Myself* 2.4.16

"It will ruin you"
They told me
I chose to love you, nevertheless 
Lost myself in those beautiful eyes
Hoping to find myself some day
We held hands, we kissed
We talked of future,
We promised -
We will be together forever,
No matter what 
And then -
Fate struck and you left
I spent days sitting alone;
Dried tears on my cheeks
"We told you so" they said 
As I wept over your grave
"Love has ruined you" they taunted
How could they know?
How would they believe?
Love did not ruin me
Nor did you really leave
I'd fall in love all over again
If fate brought us here yet again
I'd cherish the kisses and the hugs
And the moments when I lost myself in you -
Because in those moments;
I learned to look at myself-
Through your eyes
And I fell in love with myself.

*Nothingness* 3.4.16

i reach out to you
in thoughts 
as i sit alone, waiting
for the moment to come
that'll take me down
deep down to a place
where i might disappear forever
dissolve into nothingness.

i plead
hope you will listen
and you will come
to save me from 
the unsettling feeling 
of depression
slowly seeping into me
making me vulnerable 
each moment; 
as the serpent coils around me
choking me each passing moment.

i cry out loud
when i realize it will perhaps be too late 
if and when you come
i will be crushed and ruined;
the serpent of depression 
would eat me alive
and i would soon begin
to dissolve into nothingness

i see you
just when i am about to close my eyes
the unconsciousness -
preferred than the alternative
i give in to the unnatural sleep
believing you were just a hallucination

it's not until i feel -
your breath on my skin
not until you gently -
run your hand over my head
that i realize you are real 
i take a deep breath
as i see you pick me up in your arms
and take me away from the serpent -
which coils around itself;
waiting in the dark,
to strike again.

*Story-teller* 4.4.16

i am a story-teller

i tell stories
through poetry as well
if you listen carefully.
the words might not rhyme
but they are dipped in emotions
they will take you -
on a journey of love, pain,
anger, sadness and joy
they will show you -
what it means to be alive
and what it means -
to let go.

i am a story-teller
and no rules can contain me
my words will flow
the way they are meant to be
i am a story-teller 
and i will tell my stories
listen to them, if you will 
and be prepared 
for an emotional journey.

i am a story-teller
my characters mean a lot to me
i feel their emotions 
and i make sure you feel them too
lose yourself in to their world
cry with them
laugh with them
love and forgive with them 
make memories with them 
or learn to let go..

i am a story-teller
come, listen

let me tell you a story.

*Love Poem* 5.4.16

when she saw him
it was love at first sight
she inseminated her mind
with thoughts of his
words were conceived 
and a love poem was born

they met again, he smiled
her heart skipped a beat
that night, she dreamt of him
of their future together
and a love poem was born

when they next met
she told him how she felt 
they held hands that day 
walked in the park 
butterflies fluttered in her stomach
and a love poem was born

they met almost everyday
kissed each other on the lips
they were in love;
they were inseparable
she looked into his eyes
and a love poem was born

one night -
she invited him in
that night -
they made love
as she lay next to him;
her head on his chest
she could think of no words -
she knew she could never write about it
she kissed him on his lips

and her life became a love poem...

*Broken* 6.4.16

Broken, it lays there in a corner
Rusted and forgotten
Old swing, which once stood on the porch
Keeper of moments bygone,
Even today it holds memories;

Now covered by dust of time

*Raindrops* 7.4.16

music on the pane
streaks on fogged window
only witness to our love-making
shy away

March 30, 2016

i buried you

Arti Honrao | 3:22 AM | |

once meaningful 
makes no sense now
the laughter shared
turn now into nightmares
the memories - once happy
haunt me now.
finding answers makes no sense now
yet, often, i find myself -
sitting alone and wondering - why? 

the happy chapter 
why did it have to end
why the said words 
became nothing but lies

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