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I do not write poetry; I take words and dip them in feelings. ~ Arti Honrao.

Untitled Series - IV

Part Four (Read Part One | Part Two and Part Three)

Mansi stepped out of Uncle’s cabin and closed the door behind her. She did not turn around to look at him. When she had entered the cabin she had noticed that he was on the verge of crying. She had never seen him like this before and she did not want to see him like that ever again. She also felt slightly awkward for walking into that vulnerable moment of his. She knew she should have looked through the glass window of his cabin, which was visible from where she sat working but she had been too engrossed going through the list of candidates and wanted to get this done as soon as possible. She repented not being careful.

She always knew Uncle as the strongest person. He had endured so much in life; but he had done it with a smile on his face. Whatever it was that was bothering him, she wanted it to be fixed. She loved that man, not only because he had helped her when she needed help to survive in this city but also because she felt closer to him. She knew he was disappointed to know that she wanted to work the night shifts once they had more than one employee in his ‘office’. He wanted to spend time with her and that she could understand. He was lonely - he was a widower and his son had settled abroad. It was no surprise that he saw a daughter in her.

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Review of Resemblance - The Journey of a Doppelganger by Jaideep Khanduja

Arti has a unique style of writing, something very near to original and natural. Her writing takes you along for a deep dive inside an ocean but keeping your entity intact. In this book Resemblance: The Journey of a Doppelganger, Arti has tried to depict the difference of good performance done on a stage in front of a large amount of audience and get applauded for it and the same when required to be done in real life in front of real life acquaintances and sometimes even in front of totally unknown people.

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