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I do not write poetry; I take words and dip them in feelings. ~ Arti Honrao.

Review of 25 Strokes of Kindness

About the Book:

Title: 25 Strokes of Kindness
Author: Various Authors. (Anthology)
Compiler / Editor: Nikita Singh and Orvana Ghai
ISBN: 9789381841341
Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers
Language: English
No. of pages: 248
Year of Publication: 2013
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25 Strokes Of Kindness, available in paperback, is a book with a collection of 25 hand-picked stories. These stories are taken from different events that were experienced by different people. Every story shows various acts of kind behaviour, which the author felt was worth mentioning and sharing with others.

The 25 Strokes Of Kindness include stories like Ouroboros, A Pack Of Parle-G, Is It Kinder To Give Or Receive, Please Hug Me, A Ten Dollar Wedding, Fifteen Minutes, Pentimento, Crossroads, Saving Of Life And Love, A Piece Of Contagious Kindness, Court Sentence, Letters To Karka, The Lost Girl, The Photograph, The Helping Hand, The Last One, The Collateral Emotion, Colours Of Gratitude, Lessons Of A Father To His Daughter, A Rare Sight, Reality Check, Love Thy Neighbour, Six Rupees, Santa For Christmas, and An Act Of Kindness.

Review of Beyond Forever ... in Love

About the Book:
Title: Beyond Forever ... in Love
Author: Kiran Joshi
Publisher: Cedar Books (Pustak Mahal)
Language: English
No. of pages: 194
Year of Publication: 2014
ISBN: 9788122314946
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Does True love really go beyond forever?
Meet Kamna, a dreamy eyed girl practicing her medical career as a physiotherapist, who suddenly realizes that her choice of career as well as boys have been totally wrong! She tries to turn around things for herself, as she moves to Mumbai to do MBA and keeps away from emotions till the time Varun, her old patient comes in her life again. He is what she ever wanted…The Mr. Right! And when love blossoms between them, life finally seems to be falling in place
One night… and Varun is a changed man! What happened that night? What is the secret that is keeping two lovers away from each other? Will they ever meet or will they stumble to the circumstances and move apart?
'Is their love stretched beyond forever?'
Also read about her friends: Soumitra, a quirky guy who does black magic as a hobby. Rucha, who is confused in a rebound relationship. Siddhi, who is in love with her secret boyfriend.

Beyond forever is a powerful emotional ride of friendship, love, promises and family ties.

Review of A Passionaate Gospel of True Love

About the Book:
Title: A Passionaate Gospel of True Love
Author: Poonaam Uppal
Publisher: Levaanah Publication
Language: English
No. of pages: 1084
Year of Publication: 2013
ISBN: 9788192105109
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So, do you believe in love? Someone asked me once, and I replied, I feel, I am here, on this earth, just to teach the world, 'Love', the essence of True Love and how to create sensational union with your Split half, Twin soul, True Love and discover the ultimate , passionate , esoteric 'Ancient Art of True Love'?.Author Poonaam Uppal. My answer obviously startled the person. However, this is the only truth I have learnt in my painful obscure odyssey from 'Designer to Divine',

Thousands of years ago in an enchanted land of magic and miracles, two divine lovers were pulled apart by an evil curse of a soul. An ancient scripture is buried in the mysterious, cabalistic Himalayan valley. These obscure, occult, esoteric, alchemist writings of 'Ancient Art of true love' are waiting to be unraveled by the coming generations.

In this mystical true love story lead character Moh Lal Rai has one pointed aspiration to become an avant-garde Fashion designer. Destiny deceives her desires landing her in USA .During a fashion show in Las Vegas she experiences violent vibration followed by a thunderous broadcasting prophesizing her future,'Moh Soon in 1997 you will meet your true Love on this earth'. Dragooned by powerful longing to meet her ancient lover Moh became a solitary traveler in the abyss of unfathomable space and time to a bizarre realm of happenings, visions, premonitions, deja vu, and startling past birth revelations and she unwillingly embarks on a baffling journey of pain and passion through the hidden pathway to the ancient world. She crosses the boundary of human existence and enters the unknown paranormal realm of 'Ardhanareshwar' where she accidentally unlocks the, extinct, cryptic most guarded secret 'Ancient Art of True Love'.

In a cruel game plan of higher compelled, commanded and controlled by the powerful Maa Durga, Love Goddess now unravels the lost esoteric, occult secret to the world and she loudly announces, declares; promulgates 'True Love' as the only religion of the future. Author quotes 'True Love' is a Rare Occurrence of Hearts This occurrence happens once in a million years therefore Love Goddess urges that every soul must unite with their twin soul, split half and true love and unravel the secret mathematical Droodle Union of twin Souls and Split halves, A Passionaate Gospel of True Love is a mystical, arcane true Punjabi love story and an invitation to enter the paranormal realm of 'Ardhanareshwar' in the arcane Himalayan valley.

Untitled Series - VII

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She could not sleep again; she lay in bed wide awake listening to the sounds of the night. The sounds in the neighbouring room had ceased long ago and now there was not even whispering or laughter. After trying in vain to go back to sleep she got up from the bed and walked out of her room. The chawl was asleep, she loved the silence. She closed the door of her room and decided to take a walk. A couple of cars and a few bikes were parked in the parking area. Without realizing what she was doing she looked around for the cab. It was not there. She walked towards the lamppost in the centre of the small playground that the boys of the chawl had created, separated from rest of the compound with stones and cement blocks picked up from nearby construction sites. She slid down on the ground and sat with her back resting against the lamppost. She was facing east. The sky was dark and grey but she knew it would be any moment now. The sky would change colours. She drifted into thoughts as she stared at the grey sky.