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I do not write poetry; I take words and dip them in feelings. ~ Arti Honrao.

Untitled Series - XII

Part Eleven (Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part SevenPart Eight | Part Part Nine | Part Ten and Part Eleven)

Scenes of the past few days flashed before Mansi’s eyes. She could not not-think about how his close proximity to her did not evoke fear in her. It was something that had not happened to her ever before. She had gotten used to cringing whenever someone of the opposite sex touched her; even when it was accidental brushing of hands.

“Are you alright?” Uncle’s question brought Mansi out of her thoughts.
“I am sorry, Uncle. What were you saying?” Mansi apologized.
“This guy, Manish Kumar, seemed like a perfect candidate to me; even though the fact is that he does have another job already.” Uncle put forth his viewpoint.

“He has a job and he wants to work here as well? How does that qualify him to be the one who desperately needs the job?” Mansi questioned.

“Well, for starters – his current job is over demanding and the boss is cruel, not compassionate towards his employees, he pays less. In addition to that, who would not like to work for a boss like me?” Uncle said and smiled. Mansi smiled back. It was true. Uncle was really compassionate towards his employees and that is the reason many people took advantage of him. Including her – a little voice in her head said.
“Also, I would have not known about his other job until he had mentioned it himself, I do not see any reason for him to mention the other job apart from being honest with me. I like honesty, you know that.” Uncle continued.

Untitled Series - XI

Part Eleven (Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part SevenPart Eight | Part Part Nine and Part Ten)

What was happening to her was new. She did not know this feeling. The last few days of her life had awakened a different person in her. It seemed as if the desires suppressed by the fear of the opposite sex were suddenly let loose. She walked back inside and tried to sleep again but in vain. She started her day early. It was hopefully the last day of her day shift. She hoped Uncle would inform her about his selection of the accountant.

Since she got out of bed very early she had lot of time on her hands. She did something she usually did not do; she did not remember when she had attended to her bowels while in the chawl. There was absolutely no one outside. The chawl was slowly waking up. She usually brushed her teeth in her room but this time she decided to walk down to the ground and brush at leisure. The second time she came down, she spotted a few ladies sweeping the corridor outside their houses and a few were beginning to form a line in front of the water-line tap. The sky was still grey but she knew soon it would change colours. She looked at the sky as she brushed sitting on the ground, her back resting against the lamp-post exactly like she had done a few days ago, this time she was sure she was not going to miss the sunrise. A few moments later the sky changed colours and she could hear the birds chirping in their nests on the nearby trees. She loved the sky’s colour of blush as the sun kissed good morning to the sky. She was glad she had started her day early. She was happy; she was smiling, as if a switch was turned inside her. She climbed the stairs with a smile on her face and as she neared her room her eyes involuntarily scanned the door of the neighbouring room. It was locked. She walked inside her room and dressed. She made snacks and packed lunch. She hummed her favourite song as she worked around in kitchen. She did not want to know why she felt so happy from within, she was simply glad that she was happy. It was going to be a good day.

One Day

One day I will vanish -
From the face of this earth..
Search me then;
As much as you can..
I will be, however, out of your reach
Gone, far off - forever.

I will leave behind;
Memories of days that were
Longing for days that could never be
A frozen smile on your face -
As thoughts of me cross your mind.
Silent and salty lips -
As you drink the tears from your eyes.

One day, it will be -
What has to be
And there will be a regret in your heart-
Of all that could not be.