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Untitled Series - XXXXVI

“She had it coming” she heard the words; they seemed to be coming from far off but in reality they were being spoken by someone who was just a couple of steps away from her. She felt nauseated, her head ached, her vision was blurred and she was zoning out. She couldn’t afford to lose consciousness now, not here. The hangover was too much as compared to the amount of liquor she had ingested. The urge to puke was uncontrollable, finally she let go. She vomited right where she was standing and she heard people groan.

Then she heard a familiar voice. The voice asked her if she was alright. “Oh yes, I am fine – I vomited just for the sake of fun” she wanted reply sarcastically but the headache and the fresh round of vomit accumulating at the back of her throat made it impossible to say the words. The next thing she knew, she regurgitated the contents of her stomach on the shirt of the man who was trying to steady her. She expected one more blow, or at least some swearing. No one likes to have someone else’s stomach content splattered all over them; but the swearing did not come. “It’s okay. Let me take you to the rest room.” The man with a familiar voice said.

Faraway Land

photograph (c) Arti Honrao

a little bird sitting on my window-pane
watches me as i read and write
it watches me as i do my chores
and as i go to bed;
it flutters its little wings -
ready to take off.

it stares at me and wills me to follow
i see a promise in its eyes
promise of a faraway land
where things are the way they should be
where there is no pain, no sorrow

Review of Love, Lies, & Layoffs by Usha Narayanan (and Giveaway)


About the Book:
Title: Love, Lies & Layoffs
Author: Usha Narayanan
Publisher: Harlequin India
Language: English
No. of pages: 262
Year of Publication: 2015
ISBN: 978-9351067931
Buy from:

With goofy colleagues, a busy career and juicy gossip to fill her days, feisty columnist Freida doesn't really crave romance. Men are such fools anyway, including 'good friend' Geek, who appears to have fallen for a sneaky co-worker. But soon, even her friendship is under threat, as steamy kisses and a romp in bed turn their equation upside down. To complicate matters, Freida's treacherous ex and their psycho boss mount a vicious attack on them. Tension build as Freida and Geek gird up for the final showdown. Can nice guys ever win? Will love carry the day?

Untitled Series - XXXXV

If he ever kept a diary and jotted down all the thoughts that crossed his mind; the past couple days’ entries would be reflect his state of mind thereby resulting in repetitive sentences of how much he hated her and how much he loved her. He could not help the repetition of thoughts and he knew it would have looked bad on paper. It was one of the reasons he never shared what was on his mind with anyone else. If it would have looked bad on paper; it would also seem bad when he shared his thoughts with others.

He knew people would soon get tired of listening to his nonsense explanation of why he hated her and why he loved her despite everything. It seemed as if he was stuck in a loop. The same thoughts replaying in his head all day long.

He finished his dinner; surprisingly it felt better. He was glad he had forced himself to eat. Despite the weakness he washed his plate and cleaned the kitchen counter. He was glad he did not have to cook. His friends had done him a huge favour. He closed his eyes for a while and imagined how it would have been if she had taken care of him. He would have loved her presence in his room. He would have felt a lot better simply knowing that she was there for him, no matter what. He opened his eyes and was exposed to the hurting fact that he was all alone in this room.

Untitled Series - XXXIV

It had only been a couple of days but it felt like forever. Rohan was not sure what made him feel the way he did. Was it the fever that drained his energy or was it Mansi’s walking out on him. There were chances of a relationship but they were not in one, yet, it felt as if she had abandoned him when he needed her.

He had always done his best to be there for her when she needed help, even though not exclusively from him. He cared for her and would have done anything for her but not now; not after the way she had treated him. She had not only humiliated him in front of his friends; she had also let him down by shattering the image he had formed of her in his mind – the image of a caring woman.

May be it was too much to expect but he thought she would have shown at least some concern after seeing the condition he was in. And, why was he in this condition in first place? Because he had bothered to be nice to her and drive her around the city because she had been upset. She had ill-treated him; stepped out of his cab and then pushed him away when he had tried to steady her on her feet. He had gone out of his way to make her smile and what had she done? She had walked right past his door even after seeing the pathetic condition he was in. She had looked at you once and you ignored her – a little voice in his head said. Yes, he had ignored her because he was hurt; she had humiliated him in front of his friends. And, the look she gave him was weird; it showed no emotions at all. What was he to make of it? Also, later on he had seen her walk past his room without a second look as if he was garbage.

Review of Manhattan Malhotras by KN Mystique

About the Book:
Title: Manhattan Malhotras
Author: KN Mystique | On Twitter
Publisher: Sold by Amazon Digital South Asia Services. (Ranked #778 in Kindle Store)
Language: English
No. of pages: 254
Year of Publication: 2015
Buy: Kindle Version

Welcome to the world of Manhattan Malhotras:

Rohan Malhotra - A 40 something successful entrepreneur, completely devoted to his work, wife and daughter.

Neha Malhotra - A renowned teen therapist, author of a New York Times Bestseller and a proud mother.

Naisha Malhotra - A highly popular 16 year old, who goes to a private school in Manhattan

Sounds perfect, doesn't it? But what happens when this amazing, magazine perfect, good on paper family falls apart? Rohan has it all (minus a receding hairline), but still feels compelled to walk away. Neha feels like a phony therapist, preaching parenting to the world, while walking on thin ice, when it comes to managing her relationship with her daughter. And Naisha - though she fits in perfectly on the outside, she feels more out of place with each passing day, whether it is at home or at school.

Eventually, the Malhotras ditch all the rules of the "conventional happy family" rule-book! But do they find their happiness? Join them on this intriguing quest...

Untitled Series XXXXIII

Mansi was still deep in thoughts when Pallavi entered the bedroom and knocked on the door. Mansi looked at Pallavi and said –
“How weird it is that you have to knock on the bedroom door of your own house.” She took this opportunity and continued.
“I know it is uncomfortable with me here, following you wherever you go, asking you questions, bothering you in your ‘me’ time! Trust me, I will be out of your hair, soon."

“You are not in my hair and there is no need for you to go anywhere.” Pallavi said and she meant it. Her earlier thoughts about lack of space out of her head already. She would have never thought this way in first place had she not been disturbed. She was not the kind of person who got lost in deep thoughts. She believed in living one day at a time without too much thinking. It was Mansi who did the thinking, over-thinking at some times. It seemed as if Mansi’s nature had finally rubbed on her, turning her into a kind of person who thought about each step she took. Recently, Pallavi often thought about the lies she told to Mansi and to her family. She was tired of pretending to be who she was not. She was tired of smiling, putting on a brave face when all she wanted to do was scream and cry. She was tired of all the lies she had to tell the people she loved in fear that she might hurt them by telling the truth.

It had recently dawned upon her that by lying to them she was in fact creating an invisible barrier between them and her, the kind of barrier that was too tough for her loved ones to breach but if ever she let the barrier down, the chaos on her part of the barrier would destroy the relationships she cherished.

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