Scattered Thoughts

Scattered thoughts
Confusion about choices to be made
A strange reflection stares at me
Through the mirror in my bedroom
Teasing me, for what I am
Every moment I spend
Reading my own face
Eluding my own eyes staring at me
Deafening silence then follows

Trembling lips taste the salt
Hopelessness and loneliness
Often lurks in the darkness
Ugly dejection raises its head
Gone are the days when
Happiness was all around me
Today I often weep alone
Sharing my own secrets with myself

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  1. Poignant thoughts...hope you are well Micey.

  2. Touching words. How are you?

    Thanks for coming over :)

    Had mailed you sometime back. TC. Keep in touch dear.

  3. Arti HonraoApril 15, 2011

    Hi. I m good. Going on. 
    Did not receive any mail from you in recent past.
    Which id did you send on?



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