Sweet Whisperings

Surrendering to-
Which they have no control over,
Each day they are together-
Every time they look at one another,
They give each another a part of themselves.

Whispering promises of tomorrow-
Her dreams, his wings-
In the embrace they find love,
So divine, so perfect.
Pieces of puzzle, fitting perfectly-
Embracing the imperfections,
Rising above the I's and Me's
In the journey of life they walk together
Nurturing his ambitions, she follows her own.
Giving each other all the love they have-
Sweet whisperings, more than just the bed-time stories.

Acrostic (c) Arti Honrao

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  1. very cute friend..
    just like a dream

  2. Thank you, Dreamscapes. Sometimes, dreams do come true... :)



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