The Darkness Dream

In my dreams I see,
Almost always -
A thick forest, dark and scary
See a figure, few feets away -
Beckoning me.
I almost begin to follow
And, then I hear a familiar voice -
Coming from further away,
And, the face vanishes in thin air
It is then, that I begin to run -
In the opposite direction,
Deep into the forest,
Where, I know, I would definitely get lost.
I want to, I assume, get lost for some reason
I run and run until I can run no more.
I look around, try to hear a sound
I hear nothing but the beating of my heart.
I sit down, my knees close to my chest
And, arms wrapped around them.
I wait and wait for the figure or the voice
To come out of the darkness and the silence
And, when neither of it happens
I know I am lost and I am safe.


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