Brought Together

She could feel him standing behind her. Watching his daughter. Their daughter. Their sick daughter. Having returned from the hospital a few hours ago she had now tucked the little girl in her bed and on her way out, turned to look at her. She remembered those moments when she had to carry her unconscious daughter to the hospital in her arms. She also remembered how, after so many days, finally the girl's father, the man she loved so much, had broken down the guards and allowed her inside the secluded part of his life. He had cried for their daughter. His daughter. She had wrapped her arms around him and comforted him.

Just then he had come and stood behind her. She could feel his warm breath on her neck. She pulled out the clutcher from her hair and allowed the hair to fall over her shoulders. He moved back. Looked at her for a while before walking in to sit on his daughter's bed. He had never noticed how beautiful the woman at the door was. He noticed it now. In the most simplest clothing, no hairdo, no make-up, she was still beautiful. He turned to look at her. She was gone. He looked at his daughter. Their daughter. The little girl was sleeping peacefully, having finally brought these two together. Made them realize their love for each another.