Dear Lord

Show me the way, Lord
When I become blind with ego
Don't let go of my hand, ever
Even if I seem to be strong -
For, I am not as strong as I might seem to others.
Only you can understand, how vulnerable I can be.

Guide me, encourage me -
with your caring words.
Let your voice be so loudly heard -
That I become deaf to words said against me.

 You are the only one who knows
Even though I try my best,
 Sometimes, I might fail.
I might fall short in my duties,
Care less for someone, give less love
Misunderstand people -
Even those who love me
Despite my shortcomings.

 You are the only one -
Who believes in me, and
What is in my heart.
Let your love touch my soul
And bless me to be the best I can be.

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