Picking up the pieces 
 Of his shattered heart 
He travels alone on the forbidden path 
No footprints ahead, none to follow 

Alone he walks in the darkness 
Across the field of pain 
Slimmest chance of crossing over - 
To the other side, hopeful and bright. 
He walks and walks for hours, 
Aching feet, tired body. 

 The sun about to rise at the horizon 
He knows he is near the place - 
He had been searching for, all along. 
Optimism radiating out of his steps 
The feeble steps gain speed. 
Something shines in the distance, Hope, he thinks. 
However after a while he falls on his knees. 
Mirage - that is all it is - 
Mirages all along the path. 
Making him travel alone - 
This journey on the forbidden path 
No footprints ahead, none to follow.

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