Something Special

How romantic, she said
He simply smiled.
I knew you'd do this for me, she hugged him
He smiled and hugged back
How did you know I would like it? She asked
I didn't, someone else did, he confessed.
That moment, a decision was made -
A heart was broken
And somewhere,
A broken heart was about to be mended


Sometimes, you want to do something special for someone you love and do not know what you must do which would be liked by the person. In comes your best friend or more appropriately, a common friend who knows just the right thing that would make the person happy. You appreciate the help without second thoughts. You never wonder, "How did he/she know?" You do that thing for the person and he/she likes it. Loves you for being so understanding. That moment - do you tell the person that it was someone else's idea or you allow him/her to continue believing that it was your idea? If, someone comes and asks you for the favor (idea to impress someone), you being the common friend and really observant as to know what would please the 'someone special' would you tell your friend about it?
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