The Journey

I walked miles and miles
With smile on my face.
Struggled through various storms
My heart full of courage.
I have a promise to keep -
I reminded myself each step
On my two little feet, I walked the distance.

Be what you are -
Never change for anyone or anything.
Keep in your heart, the golden flame alive
Care for everyone, share a tear, spread a smile
Go on walking, miles after miles after miles.

The journey continues -
I try to be what I was, what I am
Each step that I take into the real world,
I wonder - would I still be what I used to be?
I don't want to change -
Not for anyone or anything
The storms shape me for the better,
But would they take away the laughter, I wonder.

I walk -
Miles and miles and miles
Reminding myself that I have a promise to keep -
The promise I made to God -
On the first day I decided to weep.

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