Love Story

He was a carefree man
She a caring woman
They met one day in a park
Both walking their dogs

They saw each other
And wagged their tails
Both the dogs I mean
And not the man and the woman

They looked at each other
And smiled
Not the dogs -
I mean the man and the woman

Then they walked their own way
The dogs, man and woman.

They met again -
Without their humans on the leash
Hid together in the bushes
And wagged their tails -
They were in love!

They met again -
Without their dogs on the leash
Had a coffee together and chatted -
It was love, they knew.

They stayed together and had puppies
They married but did not want kids (so soon)
They roamed around together -
Hand in hand, the man and the woman.

Years passed by -
The puppies grew up and the Dogs grew old
The humans changed too -
The carefree man became a suspicious husband
And, the caring woman became a jealous wife.

Sitting together with their puppies
They watched -
As their humans fought every night.
The happy couple wondered -
If their love stories started the same day,
Why did it not go the same way..?
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