malignant thought

in the darkest corners of the mind
lurks a thought, desperate.
often silent, but sometimes chaotic
its voice echoes in the head.
hear me, it says -
i belong to you, don't you let me die
feed me, let me survive -
for, in the times when no one cares,
i would.
i would keep you sane,
i would give you the strength to fight.
you have labelled me as negative -
and thrown me in the dungeons,
but believe me -
i am valuable, one day you would know,
when the world gives you pain
i will soothe your heart
and show you a path.

so says, the malignant thought,
its chaos, a constant headache.
i pull a pillow over my head and try to sleep
i visualize myself walking -
out from the recesses of my mind
not seeing the darkness that follows me out.

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