Full Moon Night

he lit the candle
pulled the chair for her
opened the champagne bottle
and filled her glass.

she blushed
took a sip of the champagne
and waited for the words.

he said nothing
nor did he bend on his knees
he stood there, speechless -
transfixed by her beauty.

the moon shone bright
right outside the window
but he cared less
for his moon was right here -
in front of his eyes.

she looked up at him -
willing him to take her in his arms
she longed to be held and kissed
on the nights, just like tonight
as they stepped out of the boundaries
strings that held them apart.

the clock chimed at a distance -
it was time
she begged with teary eyes
a tear escaped from his
he struggled, it seemed -
to break free from an unseen bond.

the room was silent again
no sound of either the clock
or their breathing.
the moon shone bright
casting long shadows of the curtain
and they stared at each other
through their portraits across the room

maybe next month they would-
finally be able to break the spell
put an end to this cycle
of a cursed full moon night.

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