once again

it was a long journey
from the first acquaintance to
taking a walk together;
longer one from walking together to
holding hands.
it was hard for her to fall in love - again
her already broken heart, still not mended whole
she was reluctant
he was persuasive and patient.

holding hands meant commitment for her;
if not of a relationship, at least that of a friendship
she was ready for neither.
his presence in her life, the way he made her feel
the way she laughed when he joked
and the way she felt safe when she was with him,
finally made her give in.
she still remembered the first time she held his hand,
he had been surprised and happy too
his hand in hers felt good. she smiled.

it might take some more time, perhaps
for her to get past the holding hands stage to
a hug or may be even a kiss;
it might take time for her to close her eyes and dive -
into the vast ocean of Love
but it will happen some day, he knows
soon she would be able to trust him -
and let him in her life..
he would then put together the pieces of her broken heart;
by doing so, perhaps he would be able to -
heal his own.
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