Left Behind

Some people just get up and leave
Without a word, without goodbye
Without turning back -
To see lives of others being dissolved into nothingness
To see pieces of others' existence
Scatter and fall to the ground

Some people just get up and leave
Without any care or concern
For those whom they leave behind
Assuming their part in those people's lives is over-
What if those people still need them?
Who decides when the role is over?

Some people just get up and leave
Leaving the left-behind people -
With an unfathomable emptiness,
With scars that don't heal,
With eyes sore from crying
With a heart that's broken
And a soul that's lost.

Some people just get up and leave
Some others stay behind
Thinking about those who left;
Too scared to trust again,
Too hurt to move on
Too wounded to heal

(c) Arti Honrao
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