one breath at a time ...

it surrounded me
the bottomless darkness
one sob at a time
it sneaked into my being 
i could feel it
alive and pulsating
underneath my skin.

i could feel the heaviness
a huge stone laid on my chest
it choked me
with its long skeletal fingers
its long claws bruising my neck
and i found it difficult to breathe.

it let out a shriek then,
that sounded like nails on wall
it brought its mouth close to mine
its putrid breath exhaled into mine
the stench unbearable;
its proximity scared me
and i closed my eyes.

i heard it then,
the deafening laughter
that echoed inside me
long after it stopped
it filled me with dread
and it knew it had won
as i shivered beneath it
unable to move
pinned to the ground -
a helpless doll
and -
it meant to play with me
make me its personal toy
it could have consumed me -
once and for all
but it chose to weaken me
minute by minute
unbearable moments.

i felt its weight -
settle down on me
limb to limb
and the torso
it paralysed me with fear
and then it finally -
made me its own,
with a fatal kiss on the lips.

i knew, i could never tell -
a living soul
of what happened that night
how i let the demon win
without a fight
how i surrendered myself
to the darkness -
that's in me now,
taking root -
one breath at a time. 

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