The Demon Slayer

The door of the bedroom opened
And she heard the footsteps
But she could not move.
She felt someone climb into the bed
Next to her, very close to her.
She was still paralysed.

Then came the kiss –
Soft, warm and gentle on her lips
She smelled it later,
His after-shave
And felt his warm hand on her waist.

In and out 
In and out 
She breathed deeply
Calming herself down
The heaviness on her chest lifting up
She dared, then, to open her eyes
And saw his radiant face,
Staring down at her.

She moved her limbs
Fingers and toes.
She shifted in bed,
To snuggle close to him,
Her body was her own again.

“Sorry, I fell asleep on the couch” he said.
She could not tell him –
What that had meant for her.
She could not tell him what had happened
She could never tell a soul.

“Make love to me” she said
And he whispered “yes”
They lay in bed –
In each other’s embrace, after.
Her head resting on his chest
His heartbeat assuring her –
That everything was going to be okay.
And –
The demon lay on the bedroom floor, slayed.

He was the light in her life.
She was safe – 
As long as he was with her
He was her Saviour –
He was the Demon Slayer.

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