alive once ...

she was alive once,
or was she, still?
she thought.
she did not remember dying ...
she just vanished
one moment she was there 
and the next -
she seemed to be gone.

she looked around,
people were going on about their lives
nothing seemed amiss.
except her -
she was not a part of their lives, anymore.
she watched herself,
disappearing into nothingness.

all memories of her gone
people hardly remembered her
it was as if she never existed.

But - 
she did.
she was alive once
she mattered to some people
they told her she meant something
and now -
those same people had forgotten her.

she often sat next to them
wondering what they’d do -
if they knew she was still here
sitting right next to them.
would they jump in fright?
would they be glad she was here?
would they wonder ‘who?’
‘oh that girl’

she considers - 
it’s no point trying to find out
it’s better this way;
she dwelling in her lonely existence
without anyone knowing
carrying on as if she was somewhere -
in between of 
being alive and dead.

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