there’s a storm within me
it threatens to destroy me
inside and out

it has been there
for a while now
just a breeze at first 
then slow gust of wind
i ignored it 
thought it did not matter
it won't gain speed
until it did. 

it’s been gaining its strength
day by day
night by night
forcing me to notice its existence 

by now -
it’s strong enough
to cause me damage
weaken me
render me helpless
push me down on my knees
shatter all that matters
in me, around me. 

this storm -
i wish i had not let it be
i wish i had handled it
when there was still time. 

it’s too late now -
it’s here to destroy
and it will. 
and all i can do is -
close my eyes and
accept the inevitable. 

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