one day at a time...

she forgot how tired she was
when she came home to his open arms
the encouraging words he said - 
took away all the hardships of the day.

he let her unwind as he massaged her shoulders
a loving gesture he’d shown from day one.
she never believed in arranged marriages 
until she stepped into one. 
now, she was glad that she had given in,
glad that she had made the choice.
it was not that she fell in love with him,
she saw in his eyes how much he loved her.

she learned to love him - 
one day at a time,
his love, patience and understanding -
formed the foundation of their marriage.

she woke up in the middle of the night 
and watched him sleep
his peaceful face assured her -
that everything was right
she was where she was meant to be.
she was home.

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