the release

‘leave me alone’ she yelled 
he shook his head 
and walked out
but -
he came back.
‘come on’ he said
‘come with me’

it was not a good day
she was having a hard time finishing her work,
and she had a headache.
all this led to frustration
which, she took out on him
as always.

she rolled her eyes
but walked out with him
‘no, absolutely not’ she yelled
when he got into the car
‘come on, trust me’
the magical words
that always made her do what he wanted.

she got in the car
and he took her to a ‘rage room’
her eyes widened with surprise
by what she saw.
there were people in there -
actually smashing things.

‘good luck’ he said 
when it was her turn to go in.
she picked up her choice of weapon 
and walked in -
took a deep breath
and started the smashing.

he watched her go
from one object to another
he knew it was not just about work
or the headache
it was the deep seated frustration
about her life.
of what she had to sacrifice 
to get what she had
of the choices she had to make
to be where she was.
he understood her
and he loved her.

she was in tears when she walked out 
the release of overwhelming emotions
‘thanks’ she said and 
kissed him on the lips.
‘the rage room’ helped
and she was glad he knew that it would.
she was thankful to him -
for being in her life
for being as tolerant as he was
for loving her the way he loved her
more than she loved him.

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