in his arms she lay tonight
physically and mentally exhausted
the hardships of the day
taking a toll
he kisses her forehead
her eyes
and her cheeks
and then reaches for her lips.

her lips curve into a smile
the smile reaches her eyes
as she welcomes his tongue
in her mouth
the warmth of his love 
envelopes her - 
it’s as if he infuses hope in her
through the kiss.

he tightens his grip around her 
and she feels his heart beating -
against her chest
she becomes aware, now …
of her own heart beating with joy

he’s her hope for a better life
he’s her lifeline
he rejuvenates her exhausted body
calms her nerves
and -
activates the fighter in her.

she falls asleep in his arms
happy, hopeful and safe
she’s ready for the next day
whatever comes her way.

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