Untitled Series - Table of Contents

 Untitled Series - Table of Contents
Almost every person dedicatedly following the Untitled Series on Straight from the Heart has been complaining about the time it is taking to complete the series. The first chapter of the series was published on June 24, 2014. I understand that it's been a long time. Uniqueness of this series is that I publish each chapter as and when I write it. I have no intentions of keeping the readers waiting for the next part on purpose, even if the content is ready. Year 2017 has not been kind to me; it has reflected on my writing. If you check the archive, you will see that I have published very few posts (including 'dark' poems & reviews) in 2017. (only 19 posts)

Hopefully, 2018 will be a better year. This last month of 2017 I have sped up the writing process already; including publishing pending stories on my other blog - You Me & Stories. I promise to reduce the time gap between publishing of two chapters of Untitled Series and finish the series as soon as I can; without ending the series abruptly. Please keep your good thoughts with me; it would mean a lot to me & would help me in writing.

Since there are long gaps in publishing of chapters, readers find it difficult to remember what was written in previous chapters and they have to go back and read the earlier chapters to get the link of the story.

I know it is not much but in an attempt to reduce the troubles of connecting, I have created this page of Table of Contents of Untitled Series. It has links to all the chapters. As depicted by the choice of images, each chapter is dedicated to specific character/s of the story. Reading the chapters in that order/manner will make it slightly easier to connect and know about the progress in the story of the particular character.

Reading about Mansi, Rohan, Pallavi, Manish, Uncle and Vaidehi in their dedicated chapters will help the reader to get the flow of the story. Please try it.

Last but not the least - thank you for being with me.

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Arti Honrao

The best way to enjoy reading the chapters is along with audio file/podcast  of the chapters. Options available are female and male voices for all the chapters; you can find the audio mp3 files in SFTH+ App 'Untitled Series' audio tab, with icon of a locked folder (Requires LOGIN. [Free]).

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