the roller-coaster ride

The abuse was non-stop
But no one ever knew
Not a single scratch on her fair skin 
But her mind was scratched and torn

Every discussion led to the inevitable 
Doubts, suspicions and accusations;
Then there were the good times,
The times that gave her some hope …
Those times soon shadowed - 
By 'the same old same old'…
Up and down she went
On the emotional roller-coaster ride. 

Bright and sunny one day
The next it was the dark
The brightness was intermittent 
The darkness followed her like a shadow

She had an escape
She had a choice
She shut the door on the escape -
And made a disputable choice. 

She still wakes up every morning
Hoping it’s going to be a better day
She’s found a way to convince herself
Things would be better -
If his mind was in a better ‘way'

What she did not see,
And still cannot - 
Was that her own mind
Was losing its way.
Every day now becomes a struggle
Simplest things seem complicated
Lack of patience -
Frustrated reactions and
Tucking away the hurt
Hoping ‘out of sight was out of mind’
That’s what it was now -
That’s who she had become.

Up and down she went
On the emotional rollercoaster ride. 

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