making your dreams come true

any people know not, about the power they carry within
A power that can change their and other's life altogether
Kind of vision that can help you see through the darkness
Inside you lies the most powerful secret
Never-ending treasure of happiness and contentment
Gift given by nature, the moment we are born

You are the creator, you can bring about desired changes
Of this and many more things talks about, The Secret
Understanding and implementing the resource within
Reaching within for help, rather than searching without

Desires, let them be as many as you wish, or as difficult as they might seem
Remember in your heart that you can make it happen
Everyday wake up and tell yourself this -
And the miracle would happen, right in front of your eyes
Miracle that was initiated by none other than you
So, promise yourself every morning, you would smile your way through the day

Create an aura of optimism around yourself
Obstruct the negative thoughts that clog your mind
Make a wish and know that it is what you desperately want
Enjoy the blessing, which life offers, in the form of a wish fulfilled

The time has come my friends, I wish to share what I learned
Reading The Secret has brought me where I am today
Understanding and implementing it in my life
Every morning I tell myself, yes, the time has come to make my dreams come true.

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