A Full Circle

However bad the day might have been
Your soft breathing against my neck at nights
Always make me smile and 
fill my life with contentment.

As you wrap your arm around me
and, place your hand on mine
I know, however hard the journey might be
You would always travel with me

I shift in bed, turn around to look at you
When I see your smiling face, 
I know, I am a part of every dream that you see
Your smiling lips are so inviting,
and I wish to tenderly place a kiss on them
I am scared, however, that I might awake you

I love to look at you while you sleep...
You look so peaceful, it fills my heart with peace and joy
You shift in bed and turn around,
Facing away from me ...
Perhaps waiting for me to put my arm around you.
Let you feel my breathing on your neck...

I smile, you always do that to me,
You love it this way, don't you?
You love to make me go through -
all these emotions every night
You love it when I look at you as you sleep,
rather, pretend to sleep.
And, you love it when I wrap my arm around you
Place my hand on yours
and breathe against your neck.

A full circle.

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