In Love With Me

He said he was in love with me
I had no reason to not believe
He brought roses for me whenever we met
And I accepted reluctantly
He said he knew I did not love him
As yet, he added
He was sure, one day I would ...
And he was right.

One day, I picked up the phone
To tell him how I felt
But he was not there to listen
Now, I bring him roses everyday as I visit him
And he accepts without saying a word
I tell him that I love him
And his stone reads - I know

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  1. Why does life turn around like this? sigh...

  2. Very touching poem, Arti.

  3. awwwwwwwww it was very touching :)

  4. sometimes we realize too late, dont we? And it is so sad :(

  5. Life, yes, it is unpredictable!



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