Would You Be There For Me?

The mask of the smiling face
worn throughout the day
Just slips out from place
When silently on the bed I lay
The held-back tears roll down the cheek
The strong heart suddenly becomes weak

I want to take a break
and live life my own way
would you be there for me
To take me through the day?
I want to sit alone for a while at the sea-shore
Be happy from within like never before
Would you be there for me
to sit with me silently and let me be alone
Would you hold my hand
when I am scared and wish I was not alone

I have always depended on you friend
for every small thing from beginning till the end
You have always been there for me
When I was too scared to go on with my life
You were there to take me through
the darkest phase of my life
Today I call you again
Would you be there for me
and let me be just me?

Poem dedicated to Anita
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  1. awesome.. i knew your flair writtng skill but hearing you voice 1st time.. m just listing again and agin :)

  2. It's a wonderful tribute I would say.
    Hope you are doing good there.

  3. Thanks, Deepak :)
    I thought you must have heard the audio earlier, because you have been visiting my blog for a long time now!
    There are few more posts with audio, you might want to check them out too (see easy navigation in nav.bar)


  4. Thanks, Venus.
    Yes, I am good ...
    hope you are doing good, too


  5. Thanks, cadence of my last breath
    and welcome to Straight From The Heart :)


  6. Thanks, Cyclop :)
    How have you been?



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