Forbidden ...

She loved the sound of leaves beneath her feet
as she took a stroll in the woods everyday
She loved the sound of brook that cut the woods in two halves
One, where she lived and the other forbidden

One day, she ran in the woods
leaves leaving the sound of her trail
she ran along the length of the brook
till she found a place to cross
Stepping cautiously over the stones
she reached the other side

The sky grew darker and the woods denser
She walked holding her new skirt a little higher
to avoid it from being torn by the overgrown weeds.

Far away, deeper into the woods
She found a house lost in time
the walls crumbled, the door left open

Her heart beating faster with every step she took
She decided to take a peek into the house
as she walked closer,
she heard sounds of laughter
next she saw something she would forever regret
she saw her father in the arms of another woman.

She ran the entire distance,
reached to her side of the woods
tears streaming down her muddy cheeks
her new skirt torn at many places

She never walked into the woods again
never did she hear the crushing of leaves
or the sweet music of the brook

The woods now forever forbidden to her innocent mind.

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