Human Too

Don't hold on to me
For I am not the one you can rely on
I may make you smile, or even laugh
But there are times when I cry too
Don't depend on me for the smile
Don't depend on me for support
For there are times when
Even I stumble and fall,
Because I am a Human after all!
New addition:

My shoulders are strong enough;
To hold your head when you cry
My arms are long enough;
To embrace you when you want a hug
But, sometimes -
Just sometimes, my knees would get weak,
The stress of life, the walking on the hard road,
Might make me stumble and fall -
For, I am a Human after all.


  1. Well said, Arti. I can relate.

  2. Thanks, Venus :)
    I still remember, when I had posted this for the first time, yours was the first comment like this time!



  3. just beautiful... the addition is so well penned... really straight from the heart...

  4. Thanks, Rajlakshmi.
    The addition was spontaneous. Once again based on experience :)

    How are you?


  5. awesome..the addition makes it even more beautiful!!


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