Incomplete Poem...

I have come a long way
I know,
Because when I look back
I cannot see the people I left behind

I have learned a lot in all these years
I know,
Because I know things I did not know then
Things, which perhaps I should have not known

I have grown up, definitely,
Physiologically and psychologically too...
I know,
Because the mirror reflects a strange face
When I look at it trying to search for the "old" me

I am not sad, perhaps I am happy
Yes, you can say that
Because I am smiling.

There are a lot of things to be said
I know,
Because my fingers are trembling
As I compose this poem
... my first incomplete poem.



  1. Narendra PaiOctober 24, 2009

    i liked the poem...despite it being incomplete(i dont say that..u say it :) ) but i would have wanted something else instead of "Physiologically and psychologically too..." .... i am sorry just a offense meant..else everything perfect...the poem looks better with the background..infact i am in love with it.. :) makes things look so much more elegant..and meaningful...

  2. Arti HonraoOctober 26, 2009

    This poem was written at the spur of the moment. And, is situational.
    Those words were the first ones to come to my mind :D
    Any suggestions?

    Glad you loved it. both the poem and background!

    Keep visiting


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